Why Was Your Loved One Adopted and How Can You Find Them?

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The decision to have children adopted is never taken lightly by anyone involved. It becomes necessary when parents are unable to provide the right care or a safe environment – often because they grew up in difficult circumstances that left them with no guidance about parenting.

My name is David Oates, I am the Head Researcher at Relative Connections, you can view my LinkedIn by clicking here. I am also the director of the adoption support agency which is regulated by Ofsted.

Helping families to reunite after adoption

Why do adoptions take place?

There are many reasons why adoptions take place. The truth is that it doesn’t matter to us, we know the decision is made at the time for a reason.

Occasionally a mother may feel that adoption is the best chance for her child to have a good life. She may be very young herself or come from a community where births out of wedlock or relationships between different cultures are unacceptable, amongst many other reasons.

We need you to know, that we’re not here to judge. We’re here to help and offer a solution in getting you the closure and answers that you deserve in finding someone who has been adopted.

How Do We Help Families to Reunite?

Adoption is a sensitive and emotional issue for all concerned, so even when you’re keen to find a loved one once they’ve reached adulthood, we know this is a daunting and life-changing undertaking. That’s why we support you throughout the process.

We also understand this will be a massive step for your loved one as well, so we approach them with the same care and support.

When you first get in touch we’ll have a chat about the situation and review the information you can provide. This will give us an idea as to how we can help. We’ll also explain how we work and give you an estimate of the cost and time the search will take. Each case is unique so these can vary but 60 days is the average timescale.

There’s no obligation to go ahead or to share any information you’d rather keep to yourself. And, if you want time to think about it, or have questions later, then that’s ok as well.

The Next Step

If you decide to go ahead all details are passed to the team who will work on the case. They’ll give you regular updates and you can call at any time.

Once your loved one is located there’s no obligation to contact them immediately; it’s entirely up to you. If you’d like help making contact, we’ll happily do this as well, and support you and them for as long as you need it.

Why Should You Trust Relative Connections With Your Search?

You need the right people for something so important. At Relative Connections we work closely with a leading UK adoption support agency and Ofsted registered intermediary – so you can be sure we are properly regulated and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

We also leave no stone unturned when verifying our research, so you can be sure that all information we use in our search is accurate. And, that’s how you’ll know we’ve found the right person.

It’s tough to know how to trace someone, so let us give you, and your loved ones, the help and support you need.

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