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If you’re considering finding your ‘someone’ and are wanting to find someone missing from your life, it’s more than likely that you’ll have so many questions in your head. Questions like, is this the right thing to do? How would my family feel? Have they ever tried to find me?

Sometimes you might frame these questions negatively, why should I look for them? They should be looking for me!

On other occasions you might take things a little deeper and ask, why did they go? Where are they now? Are they even alive?

It’s our job to get you these questions answered. We are amazing at finding people. What makes us different from any other service and what we really understand is…

Finding your ‘someone’ is only the start of your journey and not then end of it.

This is, potentially, a life changing event. One that you should have been thinking long and hard about, probably for years.

Your hopes and dreams are in our hands.

So we’re here for you when the time is right. We support you.

We’ve just completely revamped our intermediary service where we make that initial contact with your someone. This works so wonderfully well and is such a big part of what we do now. We deal with the initial reaction and then work with both you and your ‘someone’ until everyone is happy and ready to move forward. It really separates our service from any other.

You know that we don’t get everything right. For one, we probably send too many emails, pestering people to go ahead. That’s because we know we can make a difference. We know we can support you through this life changing event. If you choose us to find your ‘someone’ then it will change your life. It’s our job to make sure that at the end of this process you feel it’s changed for the better no matter what the outcome and those questions that you had going round and round in your head? Well they’ll have gone forever.

Of course it might not be plain sailing

Yes your someone might not want contact with you – In truth this is a rare occurrence and if it does happen we’ll get you answers as to why. We work with them to find out their reasons. We work with you so that you feel ok about that and understand. We don’t just drop the bombshell and leave you to pick up the pieces.

Yes they might have passed away – but by leaving it any longer only increases the likelihood of that happening and you’ll still have those questions. If we find this has happened we’ll let you know when they passed and we’ll help you find and contact any other family if you wanted. At least you will have an answer and again, we’ll support you throughout.

Yes they might be perfect! – They might have tried to look for you, and they might be instantly ready to meet you for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. This happens significantly more often than people not wanting contact.

Maybe it’s not the right time but when will it be? We can spend a lifetime waiting for the right time only to find that it’s gone and now there is no time.

The truth is until we start a search we just don’t know what’s around the corner. What we do know is that we’ll support you, we’ll look after you and we’ll make sure those questions going round and round in your head get answered.

David Oates is Head Researcher at Relative Connections. Author of People Tracing Guide and recognised expert on BBC1 TV Series Family Finders. He is an expert in his field and has had stories featured in The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Independent as well as been interviewed on Radio 2 and BBC Radio Leeds.

To instruct David and his team to find and contact your someone, whilst supporting both you and them throughout the whole process, call 0113 282 5900 now and arrange your complimentary Discovery Call. Your Discovery Call is a chance for you to talk to David’s team about how we can help you and give you a clear price for the work involved. You can also view more information about Dave’s team here.

There is no obligation to go ahead after the Discovery Call but at least you’ll know what we can do and how we can help.