UK People Finders

People Finder services in the UK are increasing but not all the services out there are created equally, some are much better than others.

Here at Relative Connections we believe in being the best UK People Finder we can. We specialise in reuniting our customers with long lost family and old friends. It is rewarding work and something we take great pride in. Here our Managing Director explains a bit more about the company and what we are trying to achieve for our army of customers.


When John and I started working on the business plan for our UK people finder company called Relative Connections, our mission was to be the best tracing company in the UK. We wanted to prove that a trace company could offer great customer service and provide accurate, quality results.

A trace company that businesses and the public could trust. That was back on 2006, now some six years on we feel we are making great strides towards completing that mission.

We wanted to prove and still try to prove everyday that we are a trust worthy company, that’s why we have joined the Credit Services Association, hopefully this gives companies assurance that all our work is carried out legally and ethically. We applied and obtained a consumer credit licence again to show that we are serious about what we do.

In terms of our searches to locate family and friends we trained in genealogy so that we understood as where we could obtain data from if we were tracing someone who had not been seen since 1940’s, which is something we now specialise in doing.

It’s hard to prove that we can do what we say to people before they have placed an order but we introduced the No Trace No Fee promise again to show people that they can place there order in total confidence, this was follows in early 2012 by the Relative Connections Guarantee which states that we will trace the correct person and not just someone with the same name which is a real concern for most customers. That leads on to how a UK People Finder finds people.

  • We can locate
  • Old friends
  • Ex serviceman
  • Debtors
  • Old friends
  • Lost family members
  • Biological parents
  • Land owners
  • Benefactor
  • Ex Tenants

This list goes on and on, as long as there is no legal reason why you should not locate a person we can locate them for you.

When someone comes to us and asks us to trace a person they have not seen for a number of years, we need three key pieces of information Their full name, their date of birth and where they were born or a previous address, if we have these three things we can usually locate people quickly and cost effectively.

If you do not have these three things then do not despair we can still help and this is what we try to tell people, we can find this information ourselves.

So even if you have very little information you can try us, because it’s no find no fee the risk is with us not you, so we’ll have a look into it and see what information we can find to see if we can move forward and locate your person to their current address.

We have worked hard to provide people like you with a service they could trust, whether you’re an individual looking for a debtor or old friend or working on behalf of a company to locate debtors we wanted to provide a service that people would recommend and use again and again.

People like you are using us every day to locate people missing from their lives. So we receive testimonials from happy customers every day, these are just a few of the thank you emails that we have recently received.

“Would just like to say ‘Thank you’ – the address you gave me turned out to be the person we were looking for as you said it would.  We are going to re unite my Mum with her brother later this month.  They haven’t seen each other for over 30 years.  Once again thank you for your help”


“Dear Relative Connections – thank you for being so efficient at finding lost relatives .Though I had tried searching myself for some time, your service found the address I needed very speedily .The UK People Finder service was easy to use ,confidential, and safe. I would recommend it to others who are searching.”

“I would like to thank you and the team for the excellent service you have provided. After endless searching, with the help of Relative Connections, I managed to find my mum’s best friend, who she hadn’t seen since 1959.

My mum is absolutely thrilled to bits. You certainly made my mum’s day!  Thank you once again, and I will be using your service in the future without a doubt.”

“I have received your email.  Because of my business we receive hundreds of messages each day so it takes time to go through all of them.

I also received a call from one of your agents this morning.  I will be going to the link you provided to make the payment so you can release the information to me.  It has been so long that I have been searching for my family, that it is almost surreal that they could have been finally located.

Thank you guys for your diligence and professionalism.  I will be in touch shortly.”

“Hi Dave I have just made contact with Kathy and it is the right person so you have made me very happy I would like to say a big big thank you for finding her and I will certainly recommend you to my friends or anyone who needs help finding someone”

“You all have just made me the happiest man in the world, not even the jackpot in lottery could make me as happy as I am right now, just rang May she couldn’t believe it was me, had a short chat for now, she is going to call her kids and we will all have a lot to talk about tonight, I’ll give you some more info later this week.”

These testimonials are all from genuine customers who we have helped. We’ve also been featured on BBC Radio Leeds talking about tracing people throughout the UK.

This consisted of a customer in the USA ordering a people finder search from us to locate his foster mum over here in the UK. It was a sad story but one that had an happy ending as we located her and he flew over from the USA with his wife and children to meet his foster mum after been apart for almost 30 years.

We regularly trace people in the UK for people who are living in other countries but as a UK People Finder we can only locate people in within the British Isles.

One of our stories was also picked up by a national newspaper. On 27th December 2011 the Daily Mirror featured a story about us.

The story was about one of our customers Caroline who came to us in early December and asked us to locate her brother Colin. He had been adopted three years before Caroline was born by her mother and father.

She had spent a lot of time and money trying to locate Colin but had never been able to do so. Once we got the order through our website to locate Colin the wheels were set for what would turn out to be a very happy Christmas.

David Oates our head researcher worked on her case personally, he soon found Colin using some of the techniques described above.  Caroline and Colin were reunited just in time for Christmas last year; both were entirely delighted with the outcome as were we.

Caroline and Colin had their photograph taken for the newspaper, if you want to read the full story you can do so by clicking here FIND MY BROTHER

I hope that this has give you some insight into Relative Connections as a UK People Finder and the work we are trying to do to reunite companies with debtors and the public with their missing family and friends.

If you want to know more about us and our services have a look around the website, you can find our address and company number as well as our other credentials such as licensing numbers. There is also a section where you can meet the team and see how good looking we all are. And of course there are many more testimonials that you can read to see how we have helped people just like you to be reunited with people that they have lost touch with in the UK.

We hope this article has helped you understand the inner workings of a UK PEOPLE FINDER

I Hope My Story Helps Encourage Others

“Please do pass on my gratitude to Sue and all at Relative Connections. You are all doing a very important job. I hope my story helps encourage other people to find lost loved ones missing from their lives!”

– Rosie Newman