Tracing People

Tracing people you have lost touch with can be a difficult task.

How to trace people is a common quandary and something we are asked about a lot here at Relative This is not surprising as we are the UK’s premier people tracing service. We are happy to offer you advice to help you with tracing people you may have lost touch with and our expert team are on standby in case you need us to find the person for you.

We work on a no trace no fee basis, so if we can’t find the person you are looking for there is no charge for our efforts. Here is our guide to Tracing People.

Tracing people in the UK can be difficult and what you can find out depends on what you already know. The first thing we would recommend you to do is write down everything you know about the person you are looking for. Here is a list of some of the things you should be thinking about and the things that can help you trace a person

  • Their full name
  • Their date of birth
  • Their partner’s name
  • Their marital status
  • Their last known address

These are the key things you need to know, they are the things that can help you work out what systems and methods you will need to use to trace people online. You considerations will be plenty when you start to realise what could of happened to the person you are looking for, consider these points before you start

  • If the person is female, has she married, divorced, changed her name back to her maiden name, or married again?
  • Did the person have a fondness for travel? Could this mean they are in another area of the UK or have moved abroad?
  • Did they have a middle name? Did they use their middle name as a first name; this is more popular that you might think.
  • Were they a professional person? Maybe a sports person or highflying city banker? Either way they could end up on with their details on the internet

These are just a few considerations you should have because each one has an impact on your search for them and where you should begin looking. If you are looking for a female then you would be best served by trying to locate her marriage records, we have access to unlimited marriage searches and perform these as part of our People Finder service. Our point is that you can find a person yourself but you might not be able to do it for money we would charge you. This is because of the unlimited access we have to old records, electoral roll data, credit information and date of birth data. For this reason we would encourage you to call our team on 0113 2825900 and at least talk to them about your person. If you do not want to use our no find no fee service or our indepth people search investigation then we would still be happy to offer you some advice so you can continue your own search for the person in the most constructive way.

Here are some final thoughts for you when you are tracing people in the UK

Try Facebook and Friends Reunited. These massive websites have huge lists of people who are looking for old friends and wanting to reconnect with people so it is totally worth seeing if your person is on these sites.

Could you contact any mutual friends or a family member and get your persons contact details that way? This works really well and means you can use a website such as to look for multiple people in an area.

We are on standby to find people for you. Quickly and cost effectively. We hope we have given you some excellent ideas to help with tracing people

The Outcome, For Me Was Fantastic
Customer Review

“We saw a story about Relative Connections on the internet and they sounded like they could help me. The outcome for me was fantastic I could never have done it without Relative Connections and I am very grateful for the great job they did for me.”

– Gary Humm