The Relative Connections Newsletter – Issue 1

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Welcome to the new Relative Connections Newsletter.

This week week we’re going to be really honest. If you’re even slightly considering choosing our service you’ll have many concerns.

Concerns that we are who we say we are. That you can trust us. That we can help you.

You might also have concerns about actually finding your person.

Is it the right thing to do? Will the outcome be worth the cost? Will it go well.

As we say, we want to be honest and confront some of these concerns head on.

So welcome to the Relative Connections newsletter, lets get started.

Who are we?

Since 2008 we’ve been helping people like you to find their long lost friend or relative.

When we started we were called FinderMonkey.

We became a Limited company in November 2009 and changed our name to Relative Connections Ltd in 2022. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to find out more about the name change.

So we’ve been around a while. Hopefully that means you can do some due dilligence and see that we have helped a lot of people.

Afterall, our service isn’t really about us, it’s about you. We can’t do what we love without people trusting us to help them.

Without you placing your trust in us, well we wouldn’t have been in business so long.

What we do

We find people for people like you. Once you instruct us to find your person the team get to work.

We have a team of researchers in our office in Leeds who can find people all around the world.

Most of our work is looking for people in the UK, Ireland and the usual ex pat countries. We have also found people in Libya, South China Seas and Thailand to name a few.

By using us you’ll gain access to our team. We’ll support you and we’ll ensure that you are kept up to date with the process of finding your person.

The team have access to the best tools in the business for finding people but they are also experienced in all aspects of genealogy too.

By combining tracing tools with genealogy we can find around 90% of the people we are asked to find.

Some ways we work,

– Finding Fathers through DNA even when we don’t have a name

– Locating old friends who have married or moved away when the client doesn’t remember their name.

– Using birth records and marriage records to find the key information to find someone

By using techniques like this and many more we have great success.

But is it even the right thing to do?

Only you can answer that. All we can say is, in our experience that feeling you have won’t go away. So many of our nearly 1000 reviews talk about feeling different, or needing to move forward. Wanting to feel complete. Wanting to reconnect to say something.

Whatever brought you to our website will be connected to a feeling you have.

The most important search we’ll ever do

That statement is something we run the business by. Each search we are asked to do is the most important search we’ll ever do to that client. We understand that so the team will work hard to get you the answers you are looking for.

Not only that but they will support you. We always answer the phone, we don’t use a call centre or anything. So if you need a chat about the search or you want an update we’re here for you.

Best of all the team are trained in safeguarding and aspects of counselling. They’ll support you because that is what they love to do but they are trained to support you too.

For some people they don’t need support for others it is everything. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Every search starts with a first step

If you want to find out more about what we do. We would love to hear from you. You can call us on 0113 282 5900 and we’ll talk you through our service in a friendly way. Any call is of course no obligation, this has to be right for you.

Alternatively you can book an appointment by clicking on the booking form below.

Thank you for reading our newsletter.

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