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Jennifer’s twin brother disappeared from her life when she was in her late teens. After both the police and interpol were unable to find him, he was legally declared deceased.

However, Jennifer knew deep down inside that he was still alive and would never stop trying find him. She tried numerous People Tracing companies over the last 40 years but to no avail.

She then contacted Relative Connections to see if we could help. Click on the video to hear Jennifer’s story in her own words.

Kevin found out the mother he had grown up with was not his biological mother when he was only 13.

Later in life he found his birth mother’s name and would wonder whether she was still alive and where she might be. But, it wasn’t until his step mum passed away that he decided to track down his real mother.

Click on the video to hear what it meant to Kevin to be put back in contact with his real mother, how it made both of their lives complete.

Andrea lost contact with her father when she was very young but she always felt different, wondered where she had come from and whether she was anything like her father.

When Andrea’s husband lost his father to cancer she knew it was time to try and find her own father before it was too late. She didn’t have much information about him but contacted Relative Connections to see if we could help.

Click on the video to hear what is was like when Andrea met her father for the very first time and how it’s changed both their lives.


Natalie never knew her biological father and only had snippets of information. With just a name and half an address for her father, she had no idea where to start or whether it would even be possible.

With our help, she managed to track down and reconnect with the father she had never met. Finding her father made her feel complete and allowed her to move onto the next part of her life.

Click on the video to see why it was difficult for Natalie to set out on the journey to find her dad and discover the surprise she has for her father when they eventually meet.

Claire had almost given up hope of trying to find her dad. Her father George, had left the family home when she was just 3 months old.

Claire had no memories of George but things were quite different for her older sister Sarah. Sarah who was six years older and remembers spending time with her Dad before he left.

Both sisters had mixed feeling about their Dad and lots of mixed emotions as you would expect. Click the video to see how the whole story developed and the first emotional reunion.

Jeanette’s world was turned upside down when she found out the man who she always called Dad wasn’t her real father.

Although she was never able to meet her real father as he had sadly passed away some years ago, she did find a whole new family that she never knew she had.

Click on the video to see her meet her new sister and how one chapter of her life closed and another one opened.


claire heard find my father

Claire Heard had grown up very happily with her mother and father in Norfolk. However, her view of who she was and where she came from changed completely when she turned 15.

Claire found paper work showing her name had been changed, when she asked her mum about it she that her biological father was not the man she had grown up with.

Claire’s story featured on the Daily Mail Online. To read her full story and find out what happened when she finally met her real father click here.

buckley brothers

James and Michael Buckley, two brothers from Scotland hadn’t seen their youngest brother John since 1966.

The brothers had spent most of their childhoods in care homes after their mother passed away and their father couldn’t cope. It was a very emotional reunion when they met for the first time in nearly 50 years.

Click Here to read the full story which was featured in the Daily Record.

amy finding birth father

Amy’s mum and dad split up when she was only 3 years old. All she knew about her father was his name and that he was in the army.

With such little information she was limited calling people in the phone book with the same name and posting messages on forces reunited and similar sites.

After some in-depth research We managed to reconnect Amy with her father. You can read Amy’s story by clicking here.

kay roberts

Kay spent years searching for her dad, but kept drawing blanks and had found nothing. However, she could give up as she had so many unanswered questions.

When her mum told her how much her father loved her and that he had only left due to reasons beyond his control. She made the decision it was time to get some professional help.

Unfortunately, Kay didn’t get to meet her father but there was still a happy ending. Click here to read Kay’s story.

pamela akehurst find my mother

Pamela came to us after seeing the success we had on BBC Family Finders. She had searched for her birth mother for many years without success.

It took a lot of courage for Pamela to come to us as she feared that she may be rejected by her mother if we were able to find her.

However, with the help of our intermediary service Pamela was happily reunited with her mother and a whole new family. Click here to read Pamela’s story in full.

jason armstrong

Jason found out that he had been adopted when he was 12 years old. He had no information about his real mother and father wasn’t particularly interested in finding them.

However, as he grew a little older and his circumstances changed his real mother got in contact with him and they started to develop a relationship. She also told him about his biological father.

After some encouragement from his fiance he finally decided to track his father down. To read Jason’s story click here.

marion rose officer find my brother

Marion had not seen her brothers since the summer of 1935. Marion’s son was determined to help her find them. Although he tried for many years his efforts had always failed.

He decided to give it one last try and contacted Relative Connections to see if we could help.

To read Marion’s unbelievable story of how she met her brothers for the first time in over 75 years click here.

anthony speight

Just before Anthony’s mother passed away she gave him some information about the father he had never known.

It was over 50 years since his father had left him and his mother behind and he had so many questions that he wanted to ask.

To read about the investigation from Anthony’s perspective and how he felt through the whole process click here.

rosie find father

Rosie embarked on a search to locate the father she had never met, but had always dreamed about. She had been curious her entire life about who he was and what he was like.

When we told Rosie we had found her father she was so emotional. After the initial shock, she decided to use our intermediary service to contact her father for the first time to give her the best chance of eventually meeting him.

To read Rosie’s emotional journey and how she felt when she first met her father click here.

mr humm

Mr. Humm only found out that he was adopted when he requested a replacement birth certificate so that he could get married.

It is quite a shock to learn you are adopted at 44 years of age, but as soon as Mr. Humm found out, he knew he had to try and find his birth father.

Click here to read Mr. Humm’s story and what he thought about Relative Connections’s service.

john find someone australia

John contacted us from South Africa so see if we could help him find his birth mother who he believed to be living in the UK.

Despite extensive research we were unable to locate John’s mother in the UK. However, we were given a lead that she may have moved to Australia from one of her previous neighbours.

To read about what turned out to be a truly global search for John’s birth mother click here.

lori smith

Lori had thought long and hard about finding her real mum but had always put it off. When she finally decided that she was mentally and emotionally ready she contacted Relative Connections in the hope we could help her get the answers she craved.

Unfortunately, we discovered Lori’s mum had passed away some time ago. Lori found the news hard to take at first but deep down she felt better for knowing. The news wasn’t all bad though as we discovered that Lori had a sister she never knew about.

To read about Lori’s emotional story and how she felt when she met the sister she didn’t know existed click here.