Finding My Father – Christopher’s Story

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Finding My Father – Christopher’s Story

Christopher came to us enquiring about finding his Father. Christopher and his partner were expecting a child of their own and he felt that now was the right time to learn about his own heritage.

Christopher hadn’t been in touch with his father since childhood, over 25 years had passed since they were last in touch.

After instructing us, we managed to find Christopher’s father and initiate our intermediary service to make contact with him. We wanted to focus on this part of his journey in particular, you’ll see why further in his story.

The trace work was pretty straight forward but what followed was time, patience and support which is crucial in searches of this nature.

Once we located Christipher’s father, we wrote to him. After several letters we had received no response and asked Christopher to write a more bespoke letter to his Father that we could pass on, our hope here was that one day he would feel the time was right to get back in touch.

A short time ago (and some months later) we got the call to say that this is exactly what had happened. Christopher’s Father had explained to him that he had received all of our letters and the letter that we had passed on from Christopher.

He had read every one but he wasn’t ready at that point, the time simply wasn’t right. Now he was ready to meet Christopher and his grandson who was born during the course of our search and intermediary.

When his Father didn’t respond we encouraged Christopher not to lose hope, explained that now may simply not be the right time. We supported him through the uncertainty and so we were delighted to be able to share his joy when his Father made contact and again when they met in person for the first time.

Here are some photographs of the family together.

Time, patience and support are key and we’ll be here with you every step of the way.

In these uncertain times our message is simple – never lose hope – this is our philosophy at all times but it is especially poignant today.

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