Reconnecting Families

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Reconnecting Families is no important to us but!

We haven’t done a blog in a long time, we’ve been so busy since our TV debut. Did you watch Family Finders?

My name is David Oates, I’m the Head Researcher here at Relative Connections, you can view my LinkedIn profile here.

I am also the director of an Ofsted registered adoption support agency.

It was a 15 part TV documentary about how we trace lost relatives and old friends throughout the UK.

The program was a massive success and really showcased us as the UK’s leading people tracing service. David Oates our head researcher quickly became the ‘face’ of Relative Connections as he explained in detail, how we had helped connect people who hadn’t seen each other for years and years or in some cases had never even met.

The show also featured our amazing customers who had used our service, people like Andrea Wood (pictured left), she contacted us to find her father. She was interviewed at length about how we managed to find her father when she only had minimal information to go on, luckily David was soon on the case and working out how he could find her father for her. We did and they now go on holiday together! The show also featured the people we located. It was both interesting and insightful to hear their side of the story too. It was interesting to hear how separations had occurred in the first place and how they felt helpless to make that first move towards reconciliation when they had been the ones to walk away in the first place.

As you can imagine the show had a positive effect on our business as more people knew about us and the work we do but not only that, they could also see the passion and commitment David and his incredible team showed on each episode to find the people our customers were looking for.

Our job is amazing and we don’t take what we do for granted, yes we are a business and we have to make money but we understand that we are dealing with peoples hopes and dreams, finding answers to the questions they’ve always had going round in their heads.

We’re reconnecting brothers with sisters, sons with fathers, daughters with mothers. To each and every single person who comes to us we absolutely always do our best to help. If you are looking for someone and want more information about where we can find people click here.

Whether you’ve already been reconnected with someone or whether you are still looking, Relative Connections would love to hear from you in relation to some future TV projects. If you have an interesting story then please email us at