DNA Family Finder Service

  • This service is ideal for tracing birth relatives when you don’t have any details about them
  • Our expert researchers will use your DNA to trace your relative & help you reconnect with them
  • Ideal for finding fathers through DNA research
  • 92% Success Rate, As Featured on the BBC Logo TV Series Family Finders

An expert researcher will manage your DNA account. They’ll use your DNA data alongside our tracing and genealogy skills to find your father. We can do this even if you don’t know anything about him. We give you the emotional support you need and work with you to get you the best possible outcome.

Are you trying to find out who your father is but don’t know anything about him? Maybe you’re looking for your biological sister or another relative. What do you do when you don’t have any information? Not even a name? Or an age?

How can you possibly find them?

If this sounds like you then we want to help you.

Relative Connections now offer a specialist DNA service to find fathers and birth relatives. We manage your DNA account for you and use the data within, combined with our tracing and genealogy skills to find exactly who you are looking for.

You might have already had your DNA test via 23andMe or Ancestry, the test is the easy part but you need a professional to read the data and use it in a way that can find your relative. Our DNA researchers look at your matches but then take their research off those platforms to piece together your family history. It is through this painstaking research that people are found.

Once we’ve found potential matches through our detailed research we contact those matches via our intermediary services. We do this ethically and support everyone throughout the whole process.

Here is how it works

1. The first step is a chat with one of our team. Just fill in the form to find out more about how the service worked based on your exact circumstances. We can give you a price for the work to be carried out and then it’s over to you to decide if you’d like to go ahead.

2. If you go ahead with a search we’ll review your DNA results and then work on a plan to find exactly who you are looking for. If you haven’t done a DNA test yet don’t worry we can sort that out for you too.

3. We’ll check your matches on your DNA results, taking names and cross referencing them against your matches. Then we’ll use genealogy and tracing techniques to look at possible connections and seek out the right family line and identify exactly who you are looking for.

4. We’ll discreetly and ethically contact people we deem necessary to move the search forward

5. We’ll deal with any responses for you and support you all through this process.

If there are no suitable matches, the searched will be placed on hold and rechecked every 3 months as more matches are uncovered more work will be done until we find them.

Please be aware this can be a long process and you should feel prepared for that but we will do all we can to find them for you.

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