Missing an Old School Friend? We’re Here to Help

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Our younger days might have seemed hard work at times, but there are many good things to remember as well; spending time with like-minded friends, long summer holidays, not worrying about paying the mortgage or annoying bosses, and looking forward to the future together.

And then, everything changes. You move on, study, get a job or change to a new one, have a family, meet new people and end up with all the responsibilities of life. You intend to keep in touch, but there are never enough hours in the day. Suddenly you look round, years have gone by and your old friends have disappeared.

reconnecting with an old school friend

It’s Good to Reconnect

You were once very close to certain people – indeed, you spent your formative years with them discussing your big ideas for world domination, sharing secrets, and figuring out how to stay out late without annoying your parents! These experiences and relationships are part of what makes you who you are today, so it’s not surprising you may wonder how life worked out for your old partners in crime.

Where Do You Start?

Even in this age of social media and constant connections, it can be hard to trace someone. Your friend may marry and change names or simply have a common name. And of course, not everyone is comfortable with too much of an online presence, so they may use a pseudonym. Chances are you don’t know where they live or work, so this makes it even more of a challenge.

And you may be unsure if they’ll want to reconnect with you. After all, it’s probably been some time since you last saw them, so it’s unlikely you have any details about their current circumstances.

How Relative Connections Can Help

Whatever the situation, it can be a daunting task to trace someone without specialist help, but happily, it isn’t impossible and that’s where Relative Connections comes in. The process always starts with a friendly chat and there’s no obligation to proceed if you decide it isn’t right for you.

Talking with an impartial third party helps to put things into perspective and makes it easier for you to think things through. In fact, you’d be surprised how much useful information comes to light during an informal chat – including lots of stuff you may have forgotten.

Just talking can jog your memory and bring all sorts of bits and bobs to light – it isn’t just about names, dates and places. Details about hobbies and interests, other friends who may remember them, where their parents worked – all of these can be clues that help us piece the puzzle together.

Your Wellbeing Always Comes First

Never forget that we don’t just charge out and look for someone. We know it’s a big decision to catch up with someone from your past. That’s why we always make certain you’re happy to go ahead and you’re comfortable with the process.

Your personal trace consultant will guide and support you throughout, and they’ll always be ready with a sympathetic ear if you need to chat at any time. And when we find your friend, we offer them the same care and support as we do for you (of course, nothing is guaranteed but we do have an excellent success rate).

If you want help to find old school friends you have come to the right place.

Call Relative Connections today for an informal chat.