Living Relatives Search

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living relatives search is a perfect way to get back in touch with a relative that you have either never met or have lost touch with. The best thing about our living relatives search in particular is that it is discreet so that you can make the first contact when it suits you.


Getting in touch or back in touch is great fun. There are usually three reasons as to why you need to perform a living relatives search.

Family History reveals a secret

Finding researching your family history and tracing relatives back to other areas of the country and finding out where they lived and what they did with their lives is super exciting, to then find that you have a living relative you didn’t know about is even more exciting. This will lead to an automatic desire to contact them and see what they are doing with their lives and what they know about the family history.

You’ve never met them

Maybe you have always known about a living relative but never met them. This is the most common issues our customers face, maybe it’s a birth parent you have never met or a long lost brother or sister, whatever the reason a living relatives search can put you in touch with them to get the answers you are looking for. This is one of the most popular reasons we are asked to trace a living relative.

Someone you’ve lost touch with

People move house and lose address books or phone numbers and weeks turn to months, turn to years and before you know it you’ve lost touch with a person that you actually liked and enjoyed spending time with, but life kind of gets in the way sometimes.

Losing touch with people is part of life but sometimes getting back in touch is what life can be about too, a living relatives search can put you back in touch with them in no time.

On other occasions it’s more about needing to get in touch rather than wanting to, maybe to pass on some news or to return something to someone. Whatever the reason, a living relatives search can be crucial to a family.

What we do

Here at Relative Connections we offer a living relatives search that is one of the most accurate in the UK. We specialise in locating people, not in providing data like an electoral roll company that want to provide you with a list of possible matches but a quality people tracing service, so if you want a living relatives search performing you have come to the right place.


Many people ask us how our services work, put simply we have access to the most accurate and up to date information on the whereabouts and history of UK citizens. We access this data to find out the key pieces of information we need to locate your living relative this could be spotting a name change, a marriage record or acing their date of birth. Each case is different and is worked in as an individual case. Every case is worked by a fully trained trace researcher, someone who is a specialist in locating people, who does it every day and can get the maximum amount from the systems we use. All the information we access on a living relatives search is in effect public information, the only reason that a member of the public cannot access it is it’s so cost prohibitive. You have to be licensed and regulated by several government bodies including the office of fair trading, the credit services association and the information commissioner, once you have all these licenses then you need to pay to access the top level of information.

What information we need

Don’t worry if you do not have much information that we can use to trace the person you are looking for. If you have a full name and an area of the country that they used to live in and an age range we can usually pick up enough information to begin a search. As it is no trace no fee you have nothing to lose.


Tracing people is about looking at obtaining the details and building up a bigger picture about the person you are looking for. This is the key to locating living relatives.

All our staff have researched their own family tree and have found many interesting things about their own family. This research has lead to even more knowledge in all areas of tracing people in the UK both living and dead.

There are searches that you can do to locate a person yourself but we would not generally recommend you doing it yourself. You can waste a large amount of money tracing the wrong person and it is hard to confirm that you have the correct person without ringing them up or writing them a letter. In over 90% of cases we can confirm, very easily if we have traced the correct person by confirming their date of birth (don’t worry if you don’t know your relatives, we can find it out for you) and then cross referencing who was born on that day with the information we have on the person at a current address. Its a great way to confirm we have the correct person.

Some people will always advice you that you can find the person yourself and that trace companies only do what you can do yourself. This is not true we can access a lot more information, such as electoral roll data back to 1982, not only that but whilst you would be charged per search we can perform limitless searches and try many different things that would cost you a serious amount of money. We also have the experience, even a person who traces many people in their spare time will not have the skills of our researchers who trace people all day every day and know every trick in the book when it comes to finding out where people have gone to.

We have had stories featured in national newspapers and on BBC Radio, we have been featured on websites and nominated for awards so we know what we are doing and love helping people get reconnected with family and friends that are missing from their lives. We have found people who have not been seen since the 1940’s and trace birth mothers who have been married four times; we worked for people in Australia, South Africa and North America to trace people throughout the UK. So if you want to see a relative you never met or have not seen for a long long time, stop wondering if we can help, fill in an order form and one of our researchers will be happy to help you with your living relatives search