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What happens if I dont want contact

What happens if I dont want contact

This leaflet has been written from our experience and expertise. Here we discuss the scenario that arises when we have contacted you and you do not wish to be in touch with the person concerned.

If you have difficulties with language or reading, please let us know and we will read this information over the phone or to someone who can support you. Should you need any further information or support about this matter you can phone or email us via the details on our website.

We have been asked by our client to find you. We have completed this search discreetly and we will not pass on any personal information without your consent. We offer our services to people who are looking for help to find and contact someone legally and ethically.

This therefore is the reason we have contacted you.

First of all, thank you for receiving our initial letter to you and we are sorry to have bothered you. We just have to check the position with regard to your wish for contact with the person. If you have indicated that you have no wish for contact, please don’t worry – we will close the matter down as soon as possible and you will not be bothered again by us.

However, there are a few things we can do to help you so please just read these notes so that you are well informed and can make a strong decision.

  1. Before we contact any person, we have a number of checks to conduct to ascertain if there are any known reasons why we should not attempt contact. Any person has the right to refuse contact for agencies like ours contacting them. Although we recommend to our client what to do if you do not want contact, we cannot stop them from approaching other agencies.
  2. We respect all people when they tell us they don’t wish to be in touch. We are not here to persuade you in any direction, we are just doing our job as an intermediary agency which is to check the position and withdraw if this is your wish and provide you with counselling support if you need this.
  3. It does help if you are clear with us that you want NO CONTACT. Please just drop us a note saying you have our letter and you do not wish to be in contact. This helps us to act quickly and to not have to check on the position again. However, it might take you some time to make a decision, so don’t feel you have to jump to a conclusion either way. It is important to feel that you can take your time, and that the process is under your control. You could write to us and simply say ‘I need time to think about this.’ This would help us not to bother you too soon.
  4. You have the right to support and counselling from us. This is totally free of charge to you. The counselling is not to persuade you to change your mind. It is there to settle any anxieties, and so that you have the opportunity to talk through any worries that you may have, leaving you feeling re-settled and able to move forward. For example, we can explain to you how we will close the file and how we will protect your privacy, and we can listen to your thoughts and feelings about this process. However please read on and we will explain the process.
  5. We can also pass on any minimal information you may wish to the person concerned. It may help them close the matter down for themselves. However, you do not have to make any comment at all, so do not feel under pressure.
  6. Please be assured you are not responsible for the feelings of the other person trying to contact you. We are here to support them with thoughts and feelings that they have about this experience. This is the job of an intermediary agency.
  7. Below we have set out the sort of letter you will get from us in closure. It may help you to understand what we are saying to other people. You can contact us on any of these points and we will explain fully.
  8. Finally, please don’t forget that we can provide you with a supportive service to include advice and counselling. This is completely free and if you have any worries at all please do not hesitate to contact us in confidence.DearThank you for confirming that you understand why we have written to you and informing us you have no wish to take the matter further, which we absolutely understand and respect.
  9. We accept your wishes for not wanting contact with our client. We acknowledge you do not wish to know any information about our clients and so we will not share any details with you. When we contact someone on behalf of a client, we ask our clients for a letter to share with the person we are contacting. This is to help explain who they are, their motivation for contact and what they hope to happen as a result of an approach. These letters are only shared with consent and to help you decide about contact. However, you do not have to receive this letter.Yours sincerely.
  10. Legislation and practice guidance provide a guide for us to work to, and we also adopt and amend our letters frequently to try to be sensitive to the needs of the person we are contacting. If you have any feedback for us on this, we would be very grateful as it helps to improve our service to others.
  11. Lastly, we will close the file as you have requested, and we will not contact you further. Our client will be made aware of the response you have given and supported with this.

Thank you for reading this leaflet.