How We Became TV Approved…

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Hi Its Dave here, head researcher at Relative Connections Ltd.

My name is David Oates, I am the Head Researcher at Relative Connections, you can view my LinkedIn by clicking here. I am also the director of the adoption support agency which is regulated by Ofsted.

I had a really great blog post for this week, about a chap who we reunited with some old friends. There were lots of them. They’d been on an adventure to Far East in the 1960s and then lost touch as you do, over the subsequent years.

Our client asked us to trace one of them and that lead to all of them been found, expect one, who we’re still looking for. It was such a great story and would have made a great blog post but that’s story has now been picked up by the TV people we are working with and leaves me with no blog post for this week.

As a consequence I thought I’d write about how we got involved with the TV companies in the first place. Been involved with TV shows was something that we’d wanted to do for a few years but couldn’t really figure out how to get into it. We’d called a few production companies but never heard anything back and we always seemed to hit a brick wall.

So what changed?

Well around Christmas time I was discussing with the directors how we could get our potential customers to really trust us, after all what we’re asked to do is vital to some people’s lives, so they need to see the value in the service we offer.

We are not a cheap service but we are the best and we need to convey that in our message to potential customers. So how could we get people like you to trust us? It’s easy to say you should trust us but you don’t see the level of effort and dedication that goes into some of the cases we do so how can we prove that you should trust us?

We’ve always tried to show how you can trust us to do a good job for you by mentioning…

  • We’ve been trading since 2007 – A limited company since 2009
  • We’re on the other end of the phone i.e. we’re real people not just a website
  • We have access to systems that you can’t access
  • We’re professional and experts at what we do
  • We have an 87% success rate

But that’s just stuff that anybody could say. How could we really prove that we were better than any other company doing this type of work? How could we show that we’re worth our fees? How could we build genuine trust with potential customers?

We thought long and hard and spoke to our mentor about it all and we came up with the idea of asking customers who’d we’d already worked for. Getting them to write up their experiences about using Relative Connections and about how it felt to be back in touch with their dad or old friend etc.

The great news for us was lots of customers were happy to help. Some wanted anonymity but that was ok, you could still read their passion for what we had done, others were happy for us to use their names and some very generous customers even allowed us to use their photos. Of course not all customers wanted to tell their story and that was fine too, we understand that this is a private matter for a lot of people.

This was a real turning point for us. Now we have proof from real people that we can do what we said we can do, that we were genuine people ready and waiting to help you. This third party endorsement really opened the TV door. Everyone who reads the blog posts sees that it’s not only us who think we’re the best, it’s also our customers who’ve already been through the process. The TV people, like many other people read these stories and were impressed by what they saw.

Hopefully when people see our offices on TV and see our customers and staff talking on TV they will appreciate even more that we are the real deal and the only company you can come to if you’re serious about finding someone missing from your life, whether that’s an old friend or a long lost relative.

If you want to start your journey, don’t wait another day. Give us a call now on 0113 282 5900

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