How To Write A Letter To A Long Lost Relative

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How To Write A Letter To A Long Lost Relative

In this week’s post, how to write a letter to a long lost relative we going to help you if you know your relatives address and want to write to them. What should you say and how should you approach it? If you don’t know their address or have a method to communicate with them, we can help you to find them.

We’ll also look at,

How to contact a long lost relative and how to introduce yourself to a long lost relative, this could be (and if fact should be) via written communication so it’s all connected. Let’s get started.

When you are thinking about how to write a letter to a long lost relative, the first thing you should consider is, is it the correct approach. Is the best way to get what you are looking for?

So, what are you looking for? It could be,

– Closure

– Ongoing contact

– To get answers or information

– To say something to the relative, such as an apology.

Whatever the reason the approach you make has to be done in the correct manner. And remember it can only be done once. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

We’ll talk about that later but firstly, let’s look at…

How to contact a long lost relative.

I guess you are thinking that a letter is a good idea? We agree, a letter is a method of communication that you can guarantee they have received but is not as intrusive as a knock on their front door (which a big no no!).

So, if we agree that a letter is the best method, let’s explore that. Firstly, though lets us explain why knocking on their door is a bad idea.

The door knock is too in your face, it gives your relative no time to think, to plan or indeed to digest what you are saying. They have no time to process your arrival or indeed discuss it with anyone else. This means you will get an initial reaction, this might not be good, it might be anger or sadness. Whatever it is, that initial and thoughtless reaction can never be taken back. So please don’t knock on the door, no matter what.

Hopefully you agree with us on that. Actually, we would go ever further and request that you use an Intermediary service to help you make contact, we do offer that service, but this is an article to help you and not a sales pitch so let’s move on.

So, we have established that a letter is the best form of contact but in a modern world we can also accept that an email or online message is likely to be used too, so when we say letter, you can assume we mean a written communication. Next is,

How to introduce yourself to a long lost relative.

So now we are drilling down into the reality of how to write a letter to your long lost relative.

The letter that we send to relatives on behalf of our clients is very short, but gets us amazing results. It says very little and that is for a good reason. What you do not want to do is bombard your relative with everything that has been going on in your life, your reason for contact, your forgiveness, or your anger or any of those types of things. You could go in too strong too fast and scare them.

This is why an Intermediary is such a good idea because we can control the situation and support you and your relative, that’s massive and usually leads to better outcomes. Imagine your relative feeling safe and secure whilst they process your contact, imagine them getting professional advice from a range of people to help them come to the best decision.

If you insist on doing this on your own, then you should keep the letter brief and to the point. You should include a method for them to contact you but never put your address is the letter, you could come to regret that decision, it is easier to change your email address than your actual address. So just include your email address and then all communication can be done that way.

It really will protect you; I am sure you are keen to get answers and move on, but it is best to take things slowly and ensure you safeguard yourself. Our service ensures that everyone is kept safe.

Obviously if you do not have any means of contact for your relative you need a tracing service too, again this is something we offer.

So, in this post we have covered,

– How to contact a long lost relative – via written communication.

– How to introduce yourself to a long lost relative – keep it brief.

– How to write a letter to a long lost relative – keep it brief, keep it simple and don’t include your address.

If you need the professionals, then call us on 0113 282 5900 and we’d be delighted to put a quote together for you.

We hope you have enjoyed reading how to write a letter to a long lost relative.