How to Find Your Sperm Donor Father

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Is it possible to find your sperm donor father?

The new ITV program called Born From the Same Stranger follows children seeking and finding connections to sperm donor fathers and other blood relatives.

Since UK law changes which take effect in 2023, children conceived by donor after 2005 are now allowed to access the donor’s details, making it easier to potentially track down their father and other blood relatives. However, anyone conceived by donor prior to 2005 does not have this luxury and therefore the only way to identify a biological sperm donor father is through DNA.

In the above video Dave Oates, Head Researcher at Relative Connections explains how it is now possible to find a sperm donor father using DNA. He discusses the different DNA tests and databases, what you need to look for in your DNA results and what to consider when you identify your biological father.

He talks about the various DNA database options that will help you and how you use the DNA results to identify potential paternal birth relatives which eventually leads to the biological father.

He also discusses that identifying a sperm donor father or blood relative is just the start. It’s isn’t just about the trace work and getting that information right. It is also about how you contact people as this can be a very sensitive subject. In most cases you will be contacting families who will be completely unaware of your existence.

So how you handle that contact is really important and why he would always recommend using an Intermediary to make that first contact to provide the best opportunity for a positive outcome for all parties involved.

If you were conceived using a sperm donor father and would like help to try and find him, imply give us a call on the number below for an obligation free consultation.