How to find your birth mother

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How to find your birth mother is a search we do regularly for our customers. Kevin, was searching for his mother that he had not seen for 54 years. Within 4 weeks we had managed to reunite Kevin and Angela! Read this amazing story in his own words.

The reason I wanted to start a search for my mother came after my step mother passed away in 2014. I really didn’t want to upset her however; I am sure that she would have given her blessing. I had always wanted to know who my birth mother was from when I was a teenager but my father gave me no information to go on. I wanted to find my birth mother because there was always something missing, a closeness that a mother has with her son. I really only wanted my mother, but I also wanted to know why she was not in my life and what she had been doing in the 54 years that we were apart.

old photo of kevinI had only dabbled on the ancestry web site but I had no real confidence in what I was doing as I did not want to go down the wrong road to find my mum.

I found Relative Connections after originally looking to see if the Salvation Army could help me. When I read about yourselves I guessed you would work more quickly as you were a company that charges for the work instead of using a charity. I also read one of the testimonials which was similar to my search and this is what clinched it for me and I decided to use Relative Connections.

Once I had made the enquiry with yourselves, your team put me at ease and were very kind and sympathetic to my cause. I never had any doubts at this stage, just waiting to see what you might find, I was eager but knew I needed to be patient too.

The process throughout was exactly as it had been described to me the first time I had spoken to Relative Connections. I was at ease knowing I had made the right decision as to who to use. Timings were spot on and everything that you were doing I was notified at the same time. This helped immensely.

When I was told that my mum had been found I was speechless, I cried and felt an emotion that I had never felt before, but I was still thinking that my mum may not want anything to do with me…

Relative Connections spoke to my mum in the first instance and the reaction they had from her couldn’t have been any better! My mum, Angela was also elated that she had been found and instantly wanted contact with me no questions asked.

People around me were so excited for me, they really were. Work colleagues shed a tear for me and were really happy. They said it was only something that they saw on the TV or read in books, they had not to actually known someone who had gone through this process.

The day I had arranged to call my mum for the first time I had no idea what to say, so I took a chance and said ‘hello mum’. Those simple words meant so much to her and she often tells me how nice it was to hear after all these years. I was so nervous, it was unbelievable that I was now speaking to my mum whom I always wanted a relationship with. I have now seen my mum four times and we are going to spend a week end together showing each other where we lived and where we grew up so we can add another piece to the jigsaw of our lives. Most of the village where mum lives now know about our little story, and the reaction is wonderful.

Thank you to all the team at Relative Connections. I have never felt so happy and now complete that I have my mum. If you’re wondering how to find your birth mother I can recommend Relative Connections!

From Kevin Risebrow and my mum Angela Kelly.

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Thank you Kevin for sharing your amazing story and for trusting us to carry out this important search for you.

Relative Connections specialise in finding birth parents. If you’re reading this and can relate to Kevins story why not phone us now for a no obligation chat with one of our trained trace consultants.

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