How To Find Someones Address

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How To Find Someones Address

There are many misconceptions around how to find someone’s address online. This article is written to clear up what you can do as a member of the public when looking to locate someone online.

My name is David Oates, I am the Head Researcher at Relative Connections, you can view my LinkedIn by clicking here. I am also the director of the adoption support agency which is regulated by Ofsted. I am a highly regarded and experienced family tracer and intermediary. I have spoken about finding long lost family on BBC Radio 5 and was part of the featured team on BBC1’s Family Finders TV series

To make things easier, we have distilled what you can do into these 6 stages:

  • Ancestral research
  • Birth, Death and Marriage Records
  • Electoral Roll searches
  • Social Media
  • Finding someones personal address data
  • Seeking professional help
Ancestral Research

Before you can look to find someones address, you first need to make sure you are looking for the right person.

If you are looking for a family member (for example) then you can cross reference historical data by conducting Ancestral research. It’s a great way to get the ball rolling and to ensure that you are on the right path.

Ancestry and My Heritage are useful tools to do this.

You can cross reference family history and distant relatives. As well as delve into documentation and historical electoral roll data. This will help you start to build a life profile for who you’re looking for.

Birth, Death and Marriage Records

If you are looking for someone and it’s been some time, then checking marriage records is a must. Could the person you are looking for changed their name? Consider, this could have happened more than once too!

You should certainly rule this out before you try to seek a current address for them.

Find My Past and Ancestry will help you do this.

You can use their name (at any point in time) their age and last known whereabouts to search documentation to aid your investigations.

If you need to then you can also order documents direct through the GRO (General Register Office of England and Wales) to verify the finer details.

A document is useful as it can confirm old addresses, parents’ details, ages and occupations of someone. So, bear in mind that a speculative order of a document can sometimes be really useful.

Electoral Roll Searches

You can also find historical electoral roll searches in Ancestry and Find My Past too. As well as old census data from 1901, 1911, 1921 and 1939.

Current electoral roll data is really about the only accessible tool available to the public for you to find someones address.

If you’re searching someone from the older generation then this could really work as they are less likely to move around.

Sites like are searchable for a small fee for the most up to date address details for someone. The downside to using the electoral roll is that people now have the right to opt out of it. And it is already around six months out of date by the time it is published from when it is collated.

If you’re looking for a debtor, then this would be no use to you. Debtors generally want to keep a low profile. They will do everything then can to keep their data out of the hands of the pubic for that reason.

But for a relative, old school friend or army buddy then it’s a great place to start.

Social Media

We added this to the list as it has proven to be a useful tool for us over the past few years.

If you’re looking for debtor then Social media is a touch place to hide. Many a time we have found people boasting movements on Facebook so keep your eyes peeled.

Connections can also be made with cohabitants too to have a good scour around and see what you can find.

Same works for old friends and lost relatives too.

If you’re looking for an old friend then look for groups they may be following. Old schools, places they used to work etc. Asking around can help. As long as you are finding people for legitimate reason then you’d be surprised how helpful people can be and how quick word gets around online.

This can also be helpful if looking for relatives too. Did they have siblings? Aunts? Uncles? Cousins? Best friends? There are other ways to find the answers if needed so be open minded and think outside the box.

Finding Someones Personal Address Data

Here’s the sad news…

Aside from what’s listed above then working out how to find someones address is hard. Near on impossible without professional help.

People have far more control over their personal data these days. More than ever before.

This means that limitations are in place on what members of the public can access. As well as limitations on what is publicly available and accessible within consented data.

If all of the above is fruitless for you then you will need further assistance.

Seeking Professional Help

If you have exhausted everything above, then you are out of any other options. You’re going to need to seek professional help. (By this we mean, use a professional to find them for you ?)

Here at Relative Connections we offer a range of solutions and are fully licensed to find anyone for any legitimate reason.

We still have to work within data protection laws too. But let’s be honest…If you’re looking for someone for any reason and its important that you find them then you have to do it right, right?

Our data is not sourced in the public domain which gives us access to much accurate and up to date datasets. This means we can guarantee results when we do find someone too.

We couple this with on site genealogy and historical research. This way, we can verify all the details you supply before we head off and successfully find who you’re looking for.

Once located then we’ll talk you thought the best options for making contact. If you’re looking for a friend or relative then our intermediary service is normally included within the overall cost of a search. This means we will make the first contact for you.

Alternatively, we are also happy to liaise with your nominated solicitor too. This works best of you’re looking for someone who owes you money or a beneficiary for example. So, you can rest assured that with over 12 years of experience in doing this, you are in the best hands.

To get a quote for your particular case then please just call us direct on 0113 282 5900, email or schedule a quick call back at a time that works best for you by CLICKING HERE.

We run through the details you have and why you are looking. Then we’ll advise how we can help and what the cost will be. It’s tailored to suit your circumstances, so a quick chat is needed but there’s no obligation or pressure to proceed.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on how to find someones address.

Whether you are looking for a friend, relative or someone who owes you money, we wish you the best of luck in all of your searches.