How To Find Someone Who Owes You Money

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Finding people who owe you money can be a frustrating time. One minute everything’s fine, the next you’re getting letters returned as they’ve moved address. This can obviously lead to problems with getting your money back from them.

We specialise in finding debtors but to do so we need some key information. To be honest its basic stuff so in all likelihood you’ll already have it but contained in the article below might just be some little bits and pieces that help you out next time.

How to find an address…

We can locate a debtor’s new address. So if you need to find someone who owns you money, leave it to the experts and click here. All our debtor tracing is provided on a no trace no fee basis and our results are guaranteed to be correct or your money back.

In truth I wouldn’t waste your valuable time looking for a debtor yourself. You’ll soon run up small costs trying to find their address but in truth things like and People Tracer rarely provide the new address. This is because they take a long time to update with the new address information. We work around that by having access to the latest address change information that’s far more powerful than the electoral roll.

We can also pass on details of their financial situation, who they live with. If they own the new property, where they work, so we can tailor a package to suit exactly what you need to know about your debtor.

We also have some great, low cost techniques for getting your money back once we have found them too.

Back to what you can do to protect yourself.

I want to find someone who owes me money.

Well, there are steps to take to ensure that if you are owed money you maximise your chance to get it back. This is making sure you have traceable information about the debtor long before they become a debtor. When you’re still in a position of power.

Firstly it is important that you collect as much information on the person or company that you are going to be owed money by. There are so many reasons why people can owe you money, from EBay purchases to lending money to friends, to ex tenants. The list goes on.

Its fact to say that the more information you have the easier the search for a debtor will be. So if you’re wondering how to find an address read on.

You can’t take stop debtors from moving but what you can do is put yourself in a position to provide us with as much detail as possible to help us trace debtors, or even better have enough information to trace debtors yourself. Debtor tracing can be done quickly and cost effectively if you have the correct information.

The list below is information that you should obtain about a person or company before offering credit terms

  • Always make sure you have their full name, including any middle names
  • Always make sure you have the debtor’s date of birth.
  • If a small business owes you money make sure you have the owners home address, small businesses can move around, time and time again we see debt built up at an industrial address such as Unit 10 for example and then they disappear. If they have stopped trading you need to chase the owner of the business so you need very much to have the owner’s home address.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for partners name, business or life.
  • If it is a company it could be worth doing a company credit check.

You must remember you have the power to ask these questions before you carry our any work, if they have the goods and won’t pay you are in a very vulnerable position, you need to get the details when you have the power, when you can ask for anything and if they are genuine they will have no problem providing it, if they won’t provide information then you can be sure there will be a problem later on. This information is key when you’re sat wondering how to find their address.

In truth this information won’t be much use to you in any personal attempt to find them. However it’s key for us and will make a debtor trace search easy for us to complete for you.

It is so important to do this…

You should also look at getting a consumer credit licence should you offer credit terms, if you do you can legally pursue debtors for any money owed. The key in any situation where work is done and then provided before payment is received is to get the information that you will hopefully never need but should you, you will be very grateful.

Debtor tracing is a much easier task when you have lots of information about the debtor. Different debtor trace systems ask for different information so if you can furnish these systems with the correct information then you will greatly improve your chances of finding a debtor. So next time you’re wondering how do I find someone who owes me money, hopefully you’ll know that we can help you.

If you are searching for a person who owes you money use our debtor tracing service. We hope we have helped you learn how to find someone who owes you money.

If you prefer talking. Call us today on 0113 282 5900.