How To Find Someone in Australia

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How To Find Someone in Australia

Finding people in Australia is hard. Some information is available online but much isn’t and access to
systems and databases is not easy to come by.

But I really need to find someone in Australia!

Don’t panic! There are things that you can do yourself and they are much the same types of things you can do in any other country where data is protected.

We’ll go through them below but if you are looking for service to find a person in Australia then our award winning people tracing service could be what you are looking for. We find and contact the exact person you are looking for.

Just call us now on 0113 282 5900 and one of our team will talk you through our service and explain exactly how we can help.

If you prefer to do the work yourself or at least satisfy your own curiosity then there are steps you can take to find your person yourself.

There are the usual websites that can help you to identify information, sites like Find My Past and Ancestry have information to help you find people in Australia. So things like birth, marriage and death records are possible to get and help you piece together and identify information.

Social media is good too, Facebook is a natural starting point. Although it has never had the best search system with a bit of effort you can usually find who you are looking for on there.

Don’t forget to try Instagram and Twitter, both useful especially if you are trying to find a friend who lives in Australia.

Now Australia is a big place but most of the population live around certain population centres in the country. So if you do know the area of Australia your person is living in then that can really help as some records are localised by area. Accessing these records can be difficult though, especially if you are outside of the country. That’s where we can help. We have researchers in various parts of Australia who we can use once we have carried out our identity checks here in the UK.

Believe it or not even though we are UK based we work for many Australians looking for people in Australia. This is because of the level of information we can access but more importantly the number of high quality researchers we have relationships with to help us get the exact information we need when we need it.

The majority of our work as you would expect is working for people in the UK and beyond who are looking for family members and old friends in Australia.

As I say we usually work for people who are either looking for old friends or relatives out there but regardless of the reason we have a great success rate and can certainly help you get some answers.

As you can see finding a person in Australia on your own is a difficult and daunting task but with the right help and support you can be back in touch with your person in next to no time. Our searches typically take around four weeks to complete, then when you are ready we can help you contact your person too.

Unfortunately there is no simple system to help you but we hope this short article has helped generate some ideas on how to find someone in Australia.