How To Find People In The Uk

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How To Find People In The Uk, is something we are asked about every day. As the UK’s leading people tracing company it’s what we do. This article will hopefully give you some answers.

My name is David Oates, I’m the Head Researcher here at Relative Connections, you can view my LinkedIn profile here.

I am also the director of an Ofsted registered adoption support agency.

At Relative Connections we have access to the latest systems to find people and do so quickly and cost effectively. We find people for a wide variety of reasons such as

  • We find people who owe you money
  • We find your lost family and friends from years gone by
  • We find people who have absconded owing you rent

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Our research team are widely regarded as the best in the UK at finding people. They research who your person is and where they are now. So if you’re looking for a service to find people in the UK please click the link above and we’d be delighted to help you.

Finding people yourself is much more difficult, of course it is possible and you can have some success. Be prepared to undertake your own research and as you will appreciate you’ll need to spend money on websites like to find things out. Birth, deaths and marriage records can be really useful too. These key events in someone’s life leave a recordable footprints so must be checked.

Please be aware these systems won’t help you find someone who has only recently moved. There are currently no systems available to you that can find an address for someone who has moved within the last 3 to 6 months. If you time it right then sometimes you can get lucky and find that the electoral roll update that’s done in September hits the online systems in January. Problem with the electoral roll as a searching tool is that people have been able to opt off the register since 2003, over 50% of people now choose that option anyway. Clearly this has an impact on its use as a tracing tool to help find people in the UK.

Locating family and friends from years gone by can be done by the public a little more easier. You’ll still come up against issues that can make it time consuming, costly and ultimately frustrating.

A recent review of our services on independent review website Trust Pilot said this…

“Well I spent many years searching all to no avail, contacted Relative Connections and they did in four weeks what I spent forty years doing, so stop wasting time looking yourself, contact those that know and resolve the things that you need doing sooner, wish I had” – Dennis Young

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It can be interesting to track down an old friend or a long lost cousin to catch up and reminisce but finding them can be the tricky part.

It’s a bit like making a cake, you might know you need eggs, sugar and flour but it’s another thing to put it all together to make a beautiful cake.

How to find people in the UK yourself…

If you are fancying working on this yourself there are systems and tools out there that can help you to find people.

So what do you need to learn how to find people in the UK? Well firstly you’re going to have to start to keep a record of all the information you currently have about your person. It will be good to refer back to and add to.  Secondly I’d recommend paper and pen but that’s just how I work, some of my colleagues use a paperless system but I like to make notes as to what I have done and who I have contacted. Finally a telephone and an inquisitive mind.

You can search the internet several ways, firstly you can search directly for the person you are looking for, and you might try LinkedIn, Facebook or another social media websites.

Facebook is clearly a good starting point. It’s not something we do particularly, we guarantee that we’ll trace your exact person to their exact home address. Facebook can be used to contact potential matches. Be careful though, just because you think someone looks like you or another member of your family doesn’t mean that they are.

Saying that it is worth seeing if the person you are looking for is on Facebook. It’s just too popular to discount and it’s probably most likely way you’ll find someone. You might not even need the pen and paper! If you’ve tried this and they’re not on there what can you do? Well you can try a Google search to find people, simply put the person’s name in Google and the location and see if there are any webpages relating to that person, these could be on local news websites or maybe your long lost cousin is a bird watcher and has recently won a competition, their name could be up in lights on the internet right now.

If these direct searches don’t work you can always try accessing information about people, so you could try, this website will look for email addresses of the person you are looking for. You could try searching the white pages (the phone book) for the person you are looking for. You can search for your person directly or look to contact neighbours or people with the same name, this is where the pen and paper come in handy. It’s good to keep a record of who you have spoken to so you don’t call them again. The phone book is now on the internet and unlike direct enquiry type companies such as 118 numbers it is free to use as many times as you like, a great way to find people in the UK.

These are just a few ideas. Clearly it will be quicker to call in the professionals. The main difference between ourselves and any home investigators is purely the resources we have available and the experience we have. We’ve done this since 2007 and we’ve reunited over 15,000 people.

Every search we do starts with that first step. If you’d like to know more about who we are and what we do call us now on 0113 2825900.

We invest heavily in our trace systems and can access data for people in the UK and around the world that’s not freely available to members of the public. I wish you all the best with your people finding search and I’ll be posting some more blogs about this subject so I hope you come back and see what I’m writing about. If anyone has a suggestion for blog topics I’d be happy to hear them.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to find people in the UK