How To Find Old School Friends

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How To Find Old School Friends is something we are asked to do on a daily basis. finding old school friends can be rewarding.

My name is David Oates, I am the Head Researcher at Relative Connections, you can view my LinkedIn by clicking here. I am also the director of the adoption support agency which is regulated by Ofsted.

If you’re wondering how to find old school friends you have lost touch we can help.

It can be a long and difficult task to find someone on your own but with a few hints and tips there are things that you do yourself. If you have not seen your old school friend for 10 or more years it can be especially tough.

Luckily we are here to help. Here at Relative Connections we specialise in finding the exact person you have lost touch with. Our amazing research team can find school friends for you, whether that’s from ten years ago or sixty years ago. To find out more about how we find old school friends click here

If you’re determined to find your person yourself we’ve put this short guide together. It will help you find old school friends.

To be honest it can be almost impossible for you to find school friends yourself. This is because much of the information you might need is not available to you. When this happens you have to rely on information from sources such as the electoral roll.

It’s not as up to date as the data we can access on your behalf. That’s something to bear in mind. It’s also worth pointing out that it’s going to be rare for you to be able to find your old school friend for free. There is a cost to everything in life and finding people is no different. You’ll need to invest time or money to find your friend.

How to find old friends from school

There are a variety of reasons why people come to us to find old friends. Sometimes it’s as simple as hearing a person’s name from a long time ago and wondering, what happened to them.

This is very common and we speak to people every day who have had that moment of wonder. Then have decided to follow it up by contacting us to find school friends. It is important for you to know that lots and lots of people try and find old school friends. Older people have feelings of nostalgia.

We’re contacted everyday by people like you looking to reconnect with people they were school with in the fifties and sixties. We also work for younger people who are in touch with most of their school friends on Facebook. There is always that one old school friend who’s not on there.

Some people who contact us feel like they are been nosy or that they should feel bad about using us to contact an old school friend. The truth is, almost all the old school friends are delighted to hear from their old friends and they were wondering what happened to you!

We work for people who feel slightly nervous about their attempt to find old school friends. The truth is, we do this day in day out for a serious amount of people in the UK, so rest easy you are not alone in your desire to find old school friends.

So if you have a desire to find old friends but don’t have the methods, these hints and tips are an excellent way to get started.

Tip 1) Get your facts down…

Get all the facts written down, how old is your old friend? Did they have a middle name? When were they born? What was the last address you had for them? You will surprise yourself with what you can remember about your old friend.

Write down everything that you know about them. Even some of the more strange facts that you don’t think are immediately relevant might help. Hobbies are a great example of this. You may be able to re-establish contact through a club or a forum dedicated to dominos or poker for example. You could find old friends on these directories? These can help you learn how to find old friends from school.

Tip 2) Get Yourself Connected…

You may well have heard of the principle of Six Degrees of Separation. It is the idea that you are connected to any person throughout the world through a maximum of six people.

So you should get in contact with any people that knew your friend. This could include contacting their old place of work or speaking to a mutual friend. Make sure that you have a good look through your old address book.

If it’s anything like ours, you may well have forgotten that you have written down a person and address that might put you in contact with your friend.

Tip 3) Find Your Friend through Social Networking

Facebook can help you and you shouldn’t rule it out. We first wrote this article in 2011 and at that time mentioned that Facebook was becoming an important tool. Since then Facebook has overtaken everything, many people live their lives on Facebook and it’s not imperative that you check it for your old friend.

To do a proper search on Facebook you will need to create an account or you will not be able to look at all the available information. Creating an account is easy so don’t be put off by this. Using Facebook to find an old friend with a common name will prove difficult. For example, trying to find John Smith in London will bring back too many results for you to be able to use, this is the main down side.

Also don’t forget the other social networking sites which might also kick-start your search such as:

  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Friends Reunited
  • Instagram

Even simply typing in your old Friend’s full name into Google could bring you one step closer to getting in touch.

Tip 4) Alumni and Friend Finding Specific Sites

Many Universities have an Alumni page. So if you are looking for a friend that you met at University this would be my first step. Usually these pages do require you to register but the information is free!

We hope these tips help you get back in touch with your old friends but remember… We can find people quickly and discreetly and want to help you so give us a ring on 0113 2825900

Good Luck from us in your search. We hope we have given you some ideas of How to Find Old School Friends.