How To Find My Dad

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How to find my dad is a question we are asked all the time. If you are in a position where you have either lost touch with your dad or never met him then we know how you feel. We specialise in tracing birth parents for you. We do this when contact has either been lost or never taken place.

Over the ten years we‘ve been in business we’ve reunited over 3000 people with their fathers via our ‘Find Your Father’ Tracing service.

The service works by us taking the information about your father from you and then conducting detailed research into who he his and where he is. There are so many complicated reasons as to why you and your father are not in contact with each other. In our experience it’s usually to do with the father not wanting to interfere with your life. This is mentioned a lot by the fathers we find. They feel like it’s not their place to find you because they don’t want to disrupt your life. Of course we don’t judge anyone, its our place to find your father and support both of you throughout the whole process.

So if you’ve been wondering How to find my dad then you have come to the right place. We can locate him for you and support you both throughout the whole process and we GUARANTEE our results.


Here is a fantastic story about a case we recently worked on for a customer to find her Dad for her.

Our customer was not from the UK but her father was. A chance encounter between our customer’s mother and father some 35 years ago lead to her being born. Her real father, a young man at the time returned to the UK before she was even born but was aware that she had been conceived. We later found out that he had to leave the county as his visa had expired. He said later that as he was heading back to the UK with no job or prospects it was ‘best’ for him not to keep in touch with what he had left behind. He had little relationship with his unborn daughter’s mother so left and returned to the UK with nothing.

Our customer’s mother didn’t know much more about her real father, she knew him for only a few brief months but during their short relationship she did find out his age and his full name and where he was from. Long after her real Dad returned to the UK her mother married a local man to complete their family unit. Our customer was very happy in her family, her step father was a good man and looked after her and her mother. Her mum and step dad went on to have two children together so they were one big happy family but deep down she knew that she wanted some contact with her real dad, she felt incomplete.

After doing nothing about this for a number of years, in the end her curiosity gave in and she decided to try and find out what happen to her real dad once he returned to the UK. She contacted us in 2011 via our website form and asked if we could perform a trace on her dad, we asked what information she had, this was his full name, his age but no date of birth and the city he was from. This is the key information we need to locate a person so armed with these facts we began a search for her real Dad.

Her dad was from Glasgow and as we had an age range for him we began our search by looking for a birth record for him, the search showed two possible matches born in the correct year in the Glasgow area.  One of these had to be her real dad. This shows how quickly we can move an investigation forward, an internet search suggested that there were over 2000 men in the UK with the same name but because we had an area of the UK and an approximate age for him we were able to narrow the search down to just two potential matches.

We also knew that her dad had been outside of the UK for a two year period in the late seventies and by chance one of the two matches we found was married in the UK in 1979 meaning this match was unlikely to be her father. All signs pointed to the other match being her father but we had to prove it. At this stage we only had a year of birth and not the actual date of birth which is important to our investigation as it is a great way to confirm we have the correct person. So we ordered the relevant document, his birth certificate. Certificates are available to order and we often order them whilst we are conducting our enquiries.

Once we had the certificate we could proceed further. We knew he was back in the country by 1982 so we began by looking for marriages in the area from 1982 right through to the present day. This revealed two matches one in 1985 and one in 1997.  A further search revealed the one in 1997 was too young to be her dad but the one who married in the Glasgow area in 1985 was a perfect match. From this we also looked at other birth records and found that he had had two other children within three years of getting married, so if this match was correct our customer had two sisters that she did not know about!

From the information that was initially provided by our customer, which was a name, an age and a city we now had the following details on who we felt was her Dad.

  • His Full name
  • His Date of birth
  • His Place of birth
  • His Marriage details
  • His Wife’s names
  • His Other children’s names

Now we had his marriage details we were able to perform a search to look for both him and his wife at any addresses throughout the UK. We found one match at a previous address that we felt sure was them, we checked the date of birth of the man at this address and it was a match. They were still in the Glasgow area, from this previous address we were able to trace them to their current address in an affluent suburb of Glasgow, a check at the property revealed that he, his wife and both children (who were by now over 18) were all living there. We had traced him, the whole process took around two weeks from start to finish but this wasn’t then end of the investigation, we had to make contact with him to see if he was ok for us to pass his details over to his daughter. Although we were 99% certain we also had to fully confirm that it was indeed her father.

Our customer decided to use our Intermediary service. This is where we make the initial contact with the person on your behalf. It works incredibly well. We deal with that difficult initial contact and also the initial reaction. That means that by the time you speak to your father, he is fully up to speed with the situation.

Of course we had to consider that he may not have mentioned his daughter from another country to his current family. This situation is very precarious as we do not want to tell his family anything, that’s not what we are here to do. We needed to phone him so he answered the phone and somewhere he would be in a position to talk about the situation. We did some further digging and found that he was a plasterer; we then found his website which had a mobile telephone number on it. One of our most experienced researchers rang the number and he answered the phone.

natalid found dadThe conversation that took place was a full and frank one between the researcher and the customers real dad, he was ok about us contacting him and appreciated that we had tried to do so in a way that did not worry his family. He hadn’t told his family about what had happened when he was 25 in another country all those years ago. The researcher suggested that he take some time to think about what he wanted to do. We would always recommend to the person we’ve found that they take some time to digest the information.

Her real dad called us the next day and whilst he had some reservations, which were understandable, he had told his family who were all shocked but supportive, especially his daughters who were delighted to find out they had a sister in an exotic part of the world.

What happened next?

Initially they passed emails across to each other as they started to build up trust and confirm that they were both who they thought they were, they talked about their lives and what had happened to them both. At first it was awkward as the start of any new relationship is, especially with your dad who you have never met. Over time they got to know each other and eventually they spoke on the phone. The last contact we had from our customer was earlier this year to say thank you and to let us know she was flying to Scotland to meet her real dad, her step mum and her two sisters.

This was a great ending to a great case, and this joy and happiness cost her less than £1000 in total.

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At Relative Connections we specialise in reuniting people, in putting you back in contact with people who are missing from your life. So if you want us to find your dad why not click on the link below and let your story begin.


Remember we understand how you are feeling. We will support you throughout the whole process.

We hope we have helped and inspired you so you know how to find your dad