How To find My Biological Father Without Information

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How To find My Biological Father Without Information

We hear too often ‘you can’t help me, I don’t even know who my father is’, or ‘I don’t have enough information for you to find him’, ‘I only know my fathers first name so its impossible’. If being in business as long as we have has taught us anything its, nothing is impossible and more often than not, there’s always a way.

We pride ourselves on our tenacity, our will and drive to want to locate people for you. Find you answers, find you closure and complete the missing piece if the puzzle for you.

People are often in disbelief when we tell them we can help. We get that. It can be hard to trust or buy into the thought that what you have convinced yourself could never happen or is impossible can actually be done but believe us, it’s true. We can help you.

We find peoples fathers every day based on all different levels of information as a starting point, from knowing he married your mother and having an old address to work from to only know your fathers first name and minor snippets or not having any idea who he is at all. We have the processes in place to solve this for you no matter the circumstances.

Just let that sink in a second…we can do this…you can find your father. Even without any information. It really is possible.

‘But how can you find my biological father without any information?’

DNA is the way forward. DNA searching is becoming increasingly more helpful. These online databases such as Ancestry, 23 and me and My Heritage to name a few are the key to unlocking who your father is.

When you upload your DNA to an online database from one of the kits provided direct from your preferred supplier. It takes around 10 weeks for the result to appear. When they do, you will have ‘matches’ or ‘DNA links’ to other people that have also taken tests. They are the key to working out who your father is.

Working with even distant connections you can piece together common ancestors within your paternal family history. Once you have connected the dots historically, normally a couple of generations back, then you can start to work forward to build a family tree to work out who your father is and how he fits into it all.

Now this is not a quick win, searches of this nature can take us 6-12 months for us to complete (please bear in mind that this can take you much longer without professional help) but actually, all things considered, utilising your DNA to find your father is a more sure fired way to get you answers anyway. After all, your DNA is the makeup of who you, its doesn’t lie and cannot be fabricated.

If you were to use us to help then we would do all the hard work for you. We would manage multiple DNA accounts to give us more scope and the best chances of success. We would do the work on your maternal family line first to eliminate anyone connected on your mother’s side of the family, this way we know that the remaining connections must be paternal.

We have in house genealogists that will then delve historically into the your results and by utilising the best matches you have we can then start to dive into you family history, linking trees, trawling birth, death and marriages to really start to pad out and uncover you paternal ancestry.

Don’t worry, we take safeguarding seriously too. We protect your data at each step and would only even share or divulge information that you are happy with at any stage. There will need to be connections made with matches and with newly found family members throughout the search at different stages to help us put the pieces of the puzzle together but we’re here to guide you through all that.

These links are what are needed to hone in the search and direct us to work out who you father ultimately is and once we do, its doesn’t stop there…We also include and intermediary service where we will help you make that all important first contact with your father too, this way we can work with you both to find a way to move forward at a pace you are both comfortable with.

Just like we did for Emma and Angela…

“An amazing company!!!

I googled for a company to find a biological relative, and came across Relative Connections, phoned them and was put onto Jake. The subject was quite delicate and I was anxious talking about it.

Jake, listened to my circumstances and was very understanding and caring and sent us the DNA kit.

Within a month a match had been found, this is where Jon took over. This is the incredible bit, Jon managed to go through DNA bit by bit until he found the actual person we wanted to find.

Then it was passed over to Sue at intermediary, this was the end bit and she was also very supportive, caring and easy to talk to.

I would recommend Relative Connections 100%.

Our journey took a while but that was down to the person we were looking for, it could have been for a number of reasons at their end, however we’ve all got connected now and looking forward to the future.

Emma & Angela”

And Veronica…

“I used Relative Connections because, despite my doubts, they assured me that with modern DNA techniques, they had a 94% chance of working out who my father was. This, indeed, proved to be the case. At every stage they kept me abreast of what was going on and, although I was naturally impatient, the whole process proved satisfactory in quite a short space of time. All the people with whom I had dealings were very kind and positive and clearly knew what they were doing. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who, like me, is seeking to know their origins.”

If you have unanswered questions, little or no information at all and need help to find your father then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All we ask is that you speak with us first, tell us your story and where you are with it all and then we’ll work out the solution for you. Call 0113 282 5900 or book a callback below.