How To Find Your Biological Father Through DNA

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How to find your Biological Father through DNA. This is one of the most common searches we are asked when a client we are helping has very little information about their father.  In a lot of cases our clients come to us with just a name, sometimes only a first name and very minimal details.  Sometimes they have no information at all and when this is the case the only way to find a person’s birth father is through DNA.

This lack of information is usually because our client’s parents only had a very brief relationship.  Whatever the reason, having minimal information about a person can make it extremely difficult for you to locate them.

However, with the growing popularity of ancestral DNA searches it is now possible to find your biological father through DNA. It isn’t necessarily easy and there is a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work involved but it is possible.

Which is the best DNA test to find my birth father?

When clients come to us with no information about their birth father, we ask them to take an Ancestry DNA test. Although there are lots of other companies that do similar tests, (MyHeritage, 23andMe & Living DNA to name a few). We believe Ancestry has the best DNA test to find biological fathers as not only do they have the largest global database but they also allow you to upload your raw DNA data to other databases increasing the chance of a close match.

When you receive your DNA results, we first have to identify any maternal matches so we can exclude them. Once this is done, we look at all the paternal matches and we are ideally looking for a 2nd cousin match or closer. We then perform traditional searches, trawling birth, death and marriage records to try and identify more details about the closest DNA match to build and expand a family tree.

The family tree then allows us to identify any potential matches for the person’s biological father. We then aim to gather as much information about each potential birth father match and then by cross referencing the information our client was able to provide (even if it was minimal), we are able to narrow it down to a handful of possibilities or sometimes just one.

Through our Intermediary service, contact is then made with each potential birth father match to verify if they are the correct person.

Obviously, finding a biological father through DNA can be quite a long process especially if the DNA results do not provide a close enough paternal match immediately. If that is the case, it is just a matter of waiting for the DNA databases to grow which they are doing at an exponential rate, which then allows the search to continue.

However, it is 100% possible to find your birth father through DNA and over the next couple of blog posts we will prove this by telling you about some of our success stories.

If you would like our help to find your father through DNA click here or call us on 0113 282 5900.