How To Find A Father You Never Knew

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I’ve been the head researcher here at Relative Connections since 2011. In that time I must have reunited over 5,000 fathers with their adult children. I’ve also done this on the BBC1 TV series Family Finders. If you’re looking to find a father you never knew then I can certainly help.

My name is David Oates, I am the Head Researcher at Relative Connections, you can view my LinkedIn by clicking here. I am also the director of the adoption support agency which is regulated by Ofsted. I am a highly regarded and experienced family tracer and intermediary. I have spoken about finding long lost family on BBC Radio 5 and was part of the featured team on BBC1’s Family Finders TV series

In this article I want to talk about how we find fathers for you. We can search for, find and contact your father for you AND support you both throughout the whole process. If you stay to the end I have a very special video for you to watch…

I also want to ask you a question. Are you ready to find him?

Many people who find our website are nervous about going ahead with a search.

They’ve thought about their father for so long but then, often by chance they come across the Relative Connections website and the first thing that happens is someone is telling you, YES we can find him.

At that point a lot of people turn on their heels and run. They go from knowing they want to find their father to wondering if it’s the right thing to do, how he will react and how will your family react.

All of a sudden it becomes real, it becomes an even bigger deal. So firstly I want to reassure you that you’re in good, experienced hands.

My team and I are experts at discreetly and respectfully finding your father that you never knew. We understand that it might be a big deal to you and something that you want to be in control of. So it’s our mantra to say….

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“We know we have your hopes and dreams in our hands”

It’s my job and the job of the entire team to manage those dreams and get you the answers you are looking for.

How we work.

I’ll briefly take you through how we work and see if it’s something you are interested in. I stress again this is so you know what we can do, not so that you go ahead.

The first step is having a chat with one of my trace consultants to see if we think it’s something we can help you with. We don’t work for everyone. Each search is the most important search we’ll ever do and it’s so crucial that we have your full support as much as you have ours. We will do everything we can to help you.

Once you’ve had a chat with my team, they’ll assess how we can help, where you are now and what outcome you are trying to get to. If all that fits together we start the search approximately a week later depending on our work load.

When the search starts your researcher will contact you to see how you are feeling. They’ll make a real assessment based on the information you have about your father as to how we move the search forward.

The next step is to order any relevant documents that we might need to progress the search and those will then be assessed. My research team are constantly moving the search forward until we find your father.

But then what?

Well we find him! At least we do in 92% of cases. So very quickly at that point you’ll be in a position to contact your father.

Unlike other people tracing companies we understand that this is just the start of your journey not the end. So rather than giving you an address and leaving you too it. We prefer to support you and him through the next stage.

We can deal with that initial reaction, we can talk to him and reassure him of your expectations. We can work with both of you until you are both ready to move forward together.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, sit back and have a think. If you still think in a day or two that we might be a good fit call us on 0113 282 5900 and we’ll be happy to have a no obligation chat.

The total cost for a successful reunite with your father is just £1047 including VAT for a UK based search.

If you have any questions about Relative Connections or our service to find a father you never met, simply phone us and ask away.

David Oates
Head Researcher
Relative Connections

Here is the video I told you about.