Help Finding My Sister

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Help Finding My Sister –

We received an amazing thank you card today at the Relative Connections office from a lady who needed help locating her sister who had been missing from her life for years.

The majority of people think that the most important part of our job is locating the person we have been asked to find.  But the really joy in our work comes from getting people back in touch with each other so they can create a long-lasting relationship with the person that we found for them.

We’d love to explain how good this makes us as well as our clients feel, but without doubt our client really puts it best.

Thank you sooooooo much for finding my sister.
No way could I have done it without you, you are miracle workers!!!

Since my sister contacted me last week, we video message every other day and text every day.  She has waited all her life to be found and she says her life is complete!”

Think this card describes why we are
called Relative Connections better than we ever could.

We love receiving stories and feedback from the people that we help, and it really warms our hearts to be able to see the positive impact that we have had in someone’s life. It is massively rewarding for the whole team here at Relative Connections.

So, if you have used our service and we helped you find that special someone missing from your life, we would love to have a chat about who we helped you to find and how your relationship with that person is going now.

If you are still looking for that special someone and would like to know if Relative Connections could help you find them and reconnect click here to get in contact with us and let’s have a chat.  We are always happy to help.