Finding Someone In Australia

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Finding Someone In Australia

If you’re looking for someone this story might help you see the power of what we do. It will also help you see the effort we put into each and every search we do.

We don’t expect anyone we work for to feature in a blog post or be on TV. We work for you. For many people this is such a private matter.

This is such an interesting story. Our client has provided a photo but all names have been changed.

John our client lived in South Africa. When he placed his initial enquiry we thought he was asking us to find someone in South Africa but this was not the case. He came to us to find his biological mother and believed her to be in the UK.

Our initial UK enquires were fruitless. We just couldn’t locate anything for his mother in the UK. When performing searches we’re always looking for a fact or a piece of information that we can hang our hat on. Something that provides us with something conclusive that we can build our search around. We just couldn’t find anything.

old happy couple in australiaFinally we contacted a neighbour at her old address. This address was literally from the 1960s. He couldn’t remember much but had a feeling she went to live in Australia.

We have access to some amazing overseas researcher and are now firmly established as a global people finder service. We can locate people here in the UK but can also perform the following searches…

We can find people in Australia, Canada, South Africa, USA and most European countries amongst other less required countries.

As we have a specialist family researcher who can find people in Australia, we moved the search over there.

The Australian researchers found one of her sons, Neill and his wife in Melbourne, Australia. The investigation then came back to us and via Sue (our intermediary specialist) she contacted Neill. He was aware of our client’s existence but said the whole situation was very difficult especially for his mum Gwenda as it was a traumatic time that she didn’t really want to go back to.

At first he was very reluctant to confirm whether Gwenda was also in Australia.

Neill finally informed us that yes she was in Australia but that she was not ready to have contact with John directly but he did agree that John could contact him via Facebook and would see where that took them.

After months of working with Sue and working through a few issues and problems, Neill made Sue aware that Gwenda was returning to the UK in November this year to live. Once that was happening things snowballed quickly and by January 2017 John our client had flown from South Africa to the UK to meet his birth mother.

“I thought this day would never come. If anyone is thinking of finding a missing loved one I’d urge them to call Relative Connections. They made me complete.”

The search had covered the globe, had taken over 30 hours of research. Had involved over 7 separate researchers and more than 20 phone calls across the globe. Most importantly when they met it was all about just 2 people and that’s the power of what we do.

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