Finding My Sister

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Finding my long lost Sister

This is part 2 of Lori’s amazing story. You can read part 1 here

Lori contacted us just 3 months ago to find her mother for her. Our amazing research team carried out the search for Lori but found out that Lori’s mother had passed away, there was however a light at the end of the tunnel. Our Senior Researcher Sue takes over the story…

“Lori came to us to find her mother back in early December. We carried out our initial research. Ordered some documents that related to Lori’s mother and the family she never knew. This gave us some great leads and we sadly found out that Lori’s mother had passed away. This is always a difficult conversation to have with one of our customers but over the years I’ve learned that it’s best to be upfront and then supportive. It’s my job to make sure we look after our customers and Lori was no exception. She was obviously upset but we were there for her. We also found out that she had a sister. Lori was unsure what she wanted to do next. After a few days thought she decided to move ahead with a search for her sister and then use our intermediary service to make that initial first contact with her. I always recommend using our intermediary service as we can deal with that initial response from people. The initial response is sometimes one of shock, surprise and it can bring up some old memories. Consequently this initial reaction can be one that the person might regret, its best to use us to make that first contact and then the person can come round to what’s happening and we find that this gives us many more happy endings.

In Lori’s case, her sister George was more than happy to hear from her and I was delighted to hear that they planned to meet up almost immediately.

Of course I supported them both throughout the whole process but the meeting was down to them both and I was on tender hooks over the weekend at home waiting to hear how their initial meeting had gone. Luckily it went brilliantly.

What I love most is getting these happy endings for as many people as I can. I’ll work with you, I’ll support you and I’ll do everything I can to get you to the end of the process with a smile on your face.

Lori came back to me to tell me how it had gone and as she talked I could tell she was smiling.”

And this is what Lori had to say about meeting her sister for the first time…

“I was so nervous and looking back now I’m not really sure why! As soon as we met we hugged and cried. At no point did I ever think of George as a stranger, being sisters we instantly connected. We spent all day together which wasn’t long enough, we had so much to catch up on. George said within about 5 minutes that I reminded her of mum which was comforting I think for us both. We text each other all the time and are going to meet up next month. Finding George really has filled a huge void in my life as she was able to tell me all about our mum.”

Thank you to Lori for letting us tell the world about her story. Good luck to both of you in the future and thank you for choosing Relative Connections to carry out this important work for you.

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