Finding My Long Lost Sister

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Finding My Long Lost Sister

We recently had some great press coverage after we found Ann’s long lost sister for her. Ann came to us to find her sister after many years apart.

Ann grew up away from both her sister and her brother, she had unanswered questions about where they were and what they were doing. Over the years the feelings of loss and sadness about her siblings grew stronger. Ann decided enough was enough and set out on a journey to find them both.

After many years of searching she eventually tracked down her brother. This breakthrough gave Ann many of the answers she had been looking for but still she didn’t feel complete without her sister. Cut forward to late 2016 and Ann decided to call in the experts and ask us to trace her sister for her.

Once Ann had paid our search begun. Our initial search of the UK brought up no results but Ann did tell us that she had a feeling that her sister was in the United States of America. We conducted some searches of the States and found a possible match but there was nothing more we could do from the UK, so what next?

Over the years at Relative Connections we’ve built up an amazing team of researchers who specialise in different areas of the tracing arena. We have researchers who specialise in Forces information, in Land and property records and overseas research. In this case we were straight on the phone to our researcher who lives in America to explain Ann’s situation and see if he could push our search forward stateside.

After many more hours of research that moved across the whole east coast of America our US researcher tracked down Ann’s sister to The Sunshine State, Florida.

We wrote up all our researchers’ findings as well as our own research and contacted Ann to give her the wonderful news, to say she was delighted was an understatement!

Ann quickly contacted her sister and was warmly welcomed. Shortly after Ann took the trip of a lifetime to meet her sister and it could not have gone any better.

Here is what Ann had to say…

“The whole trip was fantastic and it was as though we had known each another all our lives. Strangely a number of Angie’s friends & a relative even thought we had some similar mannerisms and phrases we used.

From all of us a big thank you for making this reunion possible.”

The story made the press in both the UK and in America. We hoped you enjoyed reading Finding My Long Lost Sister.