Finding My Birth Mother – One Year On

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We just received a lovely update from Kevin Risebrow. We traced Kevin’s birth mother, Angela in early 2016. Kevin and his mum got on immediately and started to make up for lots of lost time. They kindly agreed to film their experience of using Relative Connections to find each other. The video has been viewed over 10,000 on various social media sites and our own website.

Kevin was recently in touch with us again to give us a brief update on his story.

Hello Dave, Jake and all the team

I finally saw the video about us on your website last week. I thought this had been done so well that it bought a tear to my eye yet again. I do hope that even one person who sees the piece of me and mum and decide to look for a missing loved one would be all worth the while.

I thought you’d appreciate a little update on how things are going?

Back in October I had my first birthday with mum, it was really special. I then had my first Christmas with mum which was even more special. A great time was had by all and then we celebrated mums 74th birthday earlier this month to be followed by Mother’s Day in just a few days.

We will then be up to the year when I first made contact with yourselves, and what a year. Myself and mum can’t thank you all enough, I really can’t. It has been a whirlwind of a year and long may it continue. I have a new family now and it is really going well, especially with my new brother.

Many Thanks to you all and if anyone is reading this wondering if it’s the right thing to do then Dave, Jake and all the team at Relative Connections are the best people to do this for you.

Kevin Risebrow March 2017.

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