Finding My Biological Father

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Claire Heard grew up in Kings Lynn, Norfolk very happily with her mother and father. Her view of who she was and where she came from changed completely when she just 15.

biological father found by daughterOver the course of time, the family moved house and her sister found some paperwork in a cupboard by chance when she was tidying up. The documents showed that Claire’s name had been changed by deed poll when she was very little. Both Claire and her sister were mystified as to why that should have been the case. When her mum arrived home, Claire confronted her with the situation and her mother then went on to tell her that her father was not who she thought he was but someone completely different! David Heard, who she knew as her dad and had brought her up in a loving and caring home, was not her real dad but her stepdad.

Her mother told her that she had met her real father, John Mundy when she was 23. He was from London and she was from Norfolk. They had a relationship that resulted in Claire being born but the relationship broke down.

Her father John went back to London and after a few visits up to see the baby, he lost contact. After a period of time had passed, her mother had found it difficult to tell her that she had another father so she had stayed silent on the subject.

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As Claire grew older, she constantly thought about her real father and tried to look for him a few times but just didn’t know where to start. She was watching Long Lost Families on television over the summer and decided to have another go at looking for him. She started searching for ways to find long lost relatives and up popped Relative Connections.

She didn’t have much to go on. She knew her father’s name, his birth date and that he came from London and that was it. She gave all the information she had to Relative Connections not really expecting to hear any more.

After only a week she got a call from Relative Connections to say they had found him.

Claire says: “I couldn’t believe it! I was quite nervous about calling him out of the blue but Relative Connections was really helpful and supportive. They sent a letter on my behalf to him at his address in Hertfordshire. The letter arrived when my dad was on holiday in Egypt and his sister Tina, who was looking after the house for him while he was away, opened it.

man finally with biological family “Tina called me and we chatted and she told me about the family. I found out I had a stepbrother and a twin stepbrother and stepsister that I didn’t even know about! My dad called when he got back from holiday and we were on the phone for 2 ½ hours talking and catching up. I’ve been up to stay with him and his lovely wife and children for the weekend and we talk on the phone every other day.

“I’m so excited that for the first time ever I’m going to see him for Christmas this year. The best present I can imagine!”

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