Finding A Family Member

Family Members who are missing for a number of years can really pull on your heartstrings, we see this on a daily basis and try and help reconnect family members wherever we can. We recently had an interesting case about a woman who had gone missing right back in time. Her daughter, Mary had seen an article about us in the Daily Mirror and ordered a Family Member search. She was looking for her mother Joan Curles who disappeared in 1949.

We only had some very basic information; this included her full name and an address from 1949 as well as a few facts relating to her, she had separated from her husband who had then been sent to prison.

No one in her family knew what had happened to her or where she had gone after separating from her husband. We soon realised the emotional need for Mary to learn what had become of her mother. We took the matter to heart and began our investigation immediately. We managed to locate a birth record from Joan from some old documents we had access to and this was to lead us to a new address in 1953 but we couldn’t find any detail for her after 1956, this was very strange.

Joan’s daughter, Mary had been looking for any information relating to her mother since the 1970s but hadn’t found anything; she had even instructed several other trace companies to look into the matter but they had failed to uncover anything. This is not unusual as we place a much stronger emphasis on old records and genealogy information than most other trace companies and this leads to a much high success rate.

More work and investigating and finally our researchers made the breakthrough they had been hoping for, the reason that Mrs burles had disappeared is that she had emigrated to Canada in 1955 with a person named B Curles. It was lucky that our researchers had such detailed migration records to search through as this critical piece of information could so easily have been missed. Mary had been searching for years and couldn’t understand why she there was no information on her mother, finally she was beginning to understand what had happened to her birth mother.

We only specialise in finding out what happened to people in the UK by combining genealogy techniques with modern system tracing  to find the people you have lost touch with, so in this case we referred it over to our Canadian counterparts to continue the search. This is where we left the story but we later heard that Mary had found out much more information relating to her mother and partly thanks to us emotionally fulfilled.

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The Best Thing Was To Leave It To The Professionals

“I wasn’t convinced in my own ability what I was doing so then I knew that the best thing to do was to leave it to the professionals. It wasn’t just another job to them, they were on my side and it really was full of compassion.”

– Kevin Risebrow