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Welcome to Relative Connections, the UK’s leading service for finding people. If you’re looking for somebody, we can help. If you want to learn more about us, please take a look around the website and do check out our Trustpilot reviews, where you can see what other people think about us.

check out our Trustpilot reviews

A few of our recent Trustpilot Reviews

Sue and the team make miracles happen!

A life long dream is now reality for me. The care, the compassion, the understanding form the first call with Jake to Sue taking on my case. Absolutely superb and would recommend to anyone hoping to find someone they love that isn’t in their life.

50 plus years on …

I had not been connected to my Dad for over 50 years and for the past couple of months I had tried to find him searching myself – without success.

I was totally amazed when the team at Relative Connections found him within 48 hours … but that was just the start

I had personal contact with Jake, Autumn and Sue – who all treated me sensitively and understood the gravity of my search, helping and supporting me throughout. Thankyou all

When Sue finally told me that her intermediary contact with my Dad had resulted in him wanting to connect, I was in shock … amazed … still am! … special thanks to you Sue, late night and early morning calls from the UK to me in Australia, nothing was too hard for you …

At the time of writing I am just contemplating my first contact with my Dad, with whom I lost contact all those years ago.

I don’t know how or where it will go, but I am forever thankful to the team at Relative Connections for getting me here – you have done an amazing job and I would recommend their wonderful service to anyone

Friends, an ocean apart, reunited after 40 years

I was 100% satisfied with Relative Connections’s successful effort to locate a friend with whom I last communicated in 1982. In just a matter of days, the firm’s efforts paid off and I was emailing with my friend the same day she was notified of my interest in reaching her. Relative Connections’s highly professional staff kept me apprised of progress every step of the way. I want to single out Sue Harrison, in particular, who as intermediary was responsible for contacting my friend directly and did so with great discretion and effectiveness. Well done, all around. Thank you.