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  • We Find Your Brother to his current address & Help You Make Contact When You’re Ready
  • Progress Updates Every Step of the Way & A Full Report When We’ve Found Him
  • 92% Success Rate, As Featured on the TV Series Family Finders

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An expert researcher will painstakingly trace your brother to his current address for you

Is Your Brother Missing From Your Life? Have you not seen him for years? Maybe you’ve never met…

If you want to get in touch with your long-lost brother, we can help you!

We’ll put you back in touch with your brother by tracing him to his current address. If you wish we can also handle the initial contact too.

We know this will be really important to you so you deserve the best possible brother tracking service to find your brother and that’s what we’ll provide you with…

If you choose our find my brother service to find your brother, you’ll be assigned your own trace researcher who will support you through the whole process, they will take the information you know about your brother and conduct a detailed investigation for you. Your researcher can act as an intermediary once your brother has been located. Your researcher will locate your brother and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

This brother tracking service is not for everyone though. It’s only for people who are serious about finding their brother, people who understand the skill and effort involved in tracing someone with only small amounts of information. If that sounds like you and you’d like to instruct us or would like more information about our service, just fill in the form on this page and we’ll send you some information.

Maybe you’re scared that we won’t be able to help you find your brother. Well, we see over 92% of the people we are asked to locate!

We also GUARANTEE our find my brother tracking service results so if we say we’ve found your brother, we have and we’ll provide proof in our report BEFORE any contact is made.

How to find your brother – Our Process

If you go ahead with our people tracing service, this outlines our process.

1 .    We’ll have a friendly chat over the phone

Before anything else, we’d love to hear more about your story. And the first stage of any Relative Connections trace is actually getting on a quick call to talk about what you’re going through. Let us know as much or as little information as you can about the person that you’re looking for.

2.    We’ll review your information and see if we can help

Once we have your information, we’ll let you know on the call if it’s something we think we can help with. No search is too hard or too complex for us – but we want to make sure that we can give you the information and the results you need in an emotional and potentially difficult time.

3.    We’ll get started with your search

If we’re satisfied that we really can make a positive difference in your life, we’ll confirm your search and prepare to search. We’ll explain all of our pricing options so you’re completely comfortable with the commitment. Then… We start the search!

4.    We’ll find the person you’re looking for

The Relative Connections team are experts at tracing people throughout the UK and across the world. We’ll use an array of data sources to track your exact person to their current address. And we have a range of specialist researchers both in-house and externally to ensure your trace is met with the appropriate competence and confidence.

5.   We’ll help you make contact with them

Once we’ve traced your brother, your dedicated intermediary expert will be in touch. They’ll contact you brother and deal with their initial response before working with you both to get the best outcome. We’ll deal with it all and support you every step of the way.


So What Are You Waiting For?

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“I don’t give Relative Connections 5/5, I give them 25! They are an incredible company, passionate about their work, sympathetic, reassuring, and optimistic! They go to great lengths to get the results you need.”

– Kayleigh Roberts

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