Find My Birth Father – The Final Piece In The Puzzle

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To find my Birth Father has always been important to me. “I found out I was adopted when I was 12” says Jason Armstrong. “At the time, I didn’t really understand all the implications of what that meant. I was brought up in a happy same sex relationship by my great aunt and her partner Connie. I had two step sisters, Caroline and Denise and we all got along well”

However by 16 his life had started to spiral out of control and he began to drink heavily and dabble in drugs. He got into trouble with the police on numerous occasions and at the age of 19 he was sent to a young offenders’ institution for four years.

man found his father“That was a turning point for me – I didn’t want to end up on that path for the rest of my life.”

When he was 21 and still in the young offender’s institution his real mother came to visit him.

“That was a real shock. I hadn’t met her before and the circumstances weren’t exactly normal. However we chatted and kept in touch. She wouldn’t really tell me anything about my real father which was very upsetting and frustrating as I really wanted to know more and was keen to find him.

“Things changed for me when I met my fiancé Gemma. By this time, my stepmother had died and Gemma encouraged to try and find out more about my real father. I was keen to do so but my search took on a new urgency when Gemma and I decided to get married about eighteen months ago.

“As my relationship with my real mother grew, she started to tell me more about my real father. I knew I had been born in London and that she had given birth to me when she was only 16. From the hospital I was taken straight to my step mother’s house as my maternal grandmother did not want me to live with her. My real mother stayed with me for a week and during this time my real dad visited and held me only once.

“I really didn’t know where to start looking for my father but then Gemma found Relative Connections for me after doing an internet search for people tracing companies online. All I knew at that point was my real father’s full name, his birthday – 12 May – and that he was from Birmingham. We submitted the small amount of information we had to their website and to be honest I didn’t really expect to hear any more. I was astounded when a few days later Relative Connections emailed me to tell them they had found a match for a person of my father’s name with the same birthday living in Birmingham!

“We looked him up on Facebook and found him pretty quickly. I knew immediately just from looking at the pictures that the man they had found was definitely my dad. It was really exciting and although Relative Connections suggested we write to him in the first instance, I couldn’t wait to meet him. I drove up to his farm in Birmingham, knocked on his door and told him I was his son!

“It’s all worked out really well. We have been in touch for just over two months and I have been up to stay with him and his family in Birmingham. He has a wife of 30 years and 3 daughters so I have not only found my father but gained a new family. I’m due to marry Gemma in August and they are all coming to the wedding which is incredible and really exciting. My real mum is pleased that I have finally have closure – it really couldn’t have worked out better and I have a lot to thank Relative Connections for.”

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