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Here Is What Our Customers Say About Us…

Below are just a few example of what our customers think of our Find Lost Relatives Services….

“Thank you so very much for finding my brother. I have been searching for him for over 40 years and can’t believe you managed to find him within 48 hours. Finally i’ve been able to buy my brother a Christmas present and that’s the best feeling in the world.” Caroline Barton – Watford

Caroline’s ordered a Find Lost Relatives Search. Her story was also featured in the Daily Mirror. Click here to read the full story

“Hi to all at Relative Connections thank you so very much for your speedy results regarding finding my biological father. I wrote him a brief letter on the day you told me you had found him and he received it that Saturday, as a result he phoned me that evening and we chatted for half an hour or so. He would like to meet me but I’ve also left it up to him when the time is right in his heart and mind as I don’t wish to worry or scare him away. He was very pleased to hear from me after 33 years and we have had phone contact a few times since. I am over the moon that we have found each other with your professional and outstanding support and efforts. A very big thank you once again and I would recommend you to anyone who is searching for relatives” – Yours thankfully Christopher Wyld

“Thank you so much. I finally got to meet my grandmother in April to let her know her family had never forgotten her and her newly discovered Australian family will be with her when she celebrates her 100th birthday this month.” Sarah Hutson – Brisbane, Australia

Sarah’s story was also featured in the Hull Daily Mail. Click here to read the full story

“I cannot believe its still less than a week when I received your information for the search for my twin sisters and brothers. I received a phone call on Tuesday night from my brother, he had been told by my sister that they had a younger brother he had been searching for me for 18months including putting a message on Genes Reunited web site. We have exchanged quite a few emails photos etc already and are already talking about meeting up. I don’t know how to thank you enough for your help, its something special in my life that I’ve always wanted to happen but thought it never would, your company are without doubt professionals and very caring Many thanks from the bottom of my heart” – Best Wishes Mr. Kelvin Bailey

“I’m sorry that this email has taken so long but it’s just to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all for finding my Dad. I’m now 27 and for the last 10 years, since I have known about him, I have been trying to find him on my own. After so many dead ends I was so relived to come across your company, you found my dad within a month! I contacted him on the phone straight away with the number you provided and he was as over the moon as I was. My husband and I arranged to go and meet him the following week at his home where I met my younger Brother and my Nan and Grandad, Uncle, Auntie and cousins. The past 5 months have flown by and we talk almost every day on the phone, we’re now looking forward to spending our first Christmas together! So Thanks again for putting me in touch with a whole brand new family, I really never thought this day would come” Yours sincerely Danielle Anderton

“Dear Relative Connections Team, I want to say thank you on behalf of my family here in the US and my family there in England. You guys have changed our lives with your Find Lost Relatives Service. I have gone from a person with only a memory for a past, to a man with a family again, and all of this in the space of a day, thanks to you guys. I spoke with my mother again after not hearing her voice for the past 46 years. After your call yesterday and being told you had found one of my family members, I have been sitting on pins and needles because I was not sure if any of my parents were still alive. But I had resigned myself to fact that if they had passed on, I would at least like to visit their grave sites, so I could at least be near them again. It had been so many years since I had lost touch, and I knew that if I didn’t find them now, I might never find them again, at least not alive. And then I received your call this morning and the news that although my Dad had passed on, my Mom was still alive. It took me a full hour before I could control my tears and my emotions long enough to read the letter you had sent to me. I called my wife and my son and gave them the news that Mom and Grandma was still alive, and then I opened up your email with her address and telephone number and just sat for a long time looking at it. I just want to tell you that we had a wonderful reunion on the phone, we had so much to talk about, but most of all, just to hear my mom’s voice again after almost half a century, was the single most memorable highlight of my existence.

I will be making preparations as soon as possible, for my wife, my son and myself, to join my mom and my younger brother in West Wickam for a real family reunion. I want to thank you and the Relative Connections team for your due diligence and professionalism in tracking down and finding my family after all this time. I know it could not have been easy, and as I had mentioned in my profile, I was taken away from the safety, love and nurturing environment of the Hickson family when I was about 8-9 years old, and was taken to the island of Jamaica. My situation soon became very dire, when I was put in the care of an evil step-mother (my father‘s new girl friend), who seemed to take great joy in my suffering. As a result, I lost touch with my family, and although I have tried in vain for years to locate them, it was not until I recently found out about Relative Connectionss, that my hope of re-uniting with my family would finally come about.

I managed to survive the assaults on my mind, soul, & body while growing up, and somehow kept my sanity. Today, I live America with my wife of 23 years and my son Brandon who is now 17. It has never left my mind for any appreciable amount of time, that my long lost family was out there somewhere, and I wondered if I would live to see them again, or if they would live to see me again. Fortunately, you have made that dream a reality for me by finding them, and now, my wife, my son, and I, will soon be flying over to England to re-unite with our family for the first time in 46 years. Thank you Dave and the Relative Connections team. You’ll never know how much you have changed the lives of my family and I, for the better.” Sincerely, Dr. Sterling Afflick

“Dear Relative Connections Team, i am very happy to be able to tell you that i am now reunited with my son. Thanks to your efforts to find him.cant thank you enough !!.” Ray Mitchell, Australia

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