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We are the UK’s leading People Tracing Company and we can help you to find your birth parents when you were adopted

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Over 15,000 Birth Relatives Located in The Past 12 Years.

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*We work in conjunction with Joanna North Associates, an Ofsted Registered Adoption Support Agency who undertakes all of our adoption related intermediary work.

We know searching and finding your birth parent is a big deal, that’s why we have put together the perfect service to help you.

Everything is covered, including the support you may need along the journey.

In simple terms we will research and trace your birth parents and then contact them for you, supporting you and your birth parent throughout the whole process.


Step 1

Due Diligence

We’ll make sure we’ve got all the facts from you. We’ll understand what you’re trying to do and we’ll explain clearly what we will do and how we will do it. This is done in a 20 minute phone call with one of our amazing team. To arrange this call CLICK HERE NOW.

If after that call you would like to move on to step 2 we can do that. If you need time to think that’s ok too.

Step 2

Fact Finding

Once instructed we’ll start to build a clear picture of the situation all those years ago. This will mean checking documents and then contacting the correct Adoption Support Agency and the GRO to fact find and gather the relevant information.

I’m sure you’ll agree but it’s important we do this right for all concerned.

Step 3


Once due diligence is complete and we have all our paperwork signed off we can move forward to the search. You’ll now be in the hands of the UK’s finest research team, they’ll leave no stone unturned in the search for your birth parent.

They’ll use the information you supplied and cross reference it with any facts obtained in the due diligence part of our process. We’ll couple all this together until we find the exact address of your birth parent.

Step 4


Contact. Once we’ve found them we’ll make contact, with you! It’s important at this stage that you get time to think and make sure you are happy to move forward to the next step. You will be supported throughout this process and if you need any additional support then we can discuss that with you.

Once you feel ready to move on to the next stage we’ll move on to step 5.

Step 5

Making Contact

We do this is a very discreet way that protects them as much as you. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression and this step is the most important. How we make contact, what we say and how we say it will all have a huge bearing on what happens going forward.

This part of the journey is crucial to get right. We will talk you through this part and ensure you are fully involved.

Step 6


Support is crucial. This has to be done right and you have to give yourself the best chance of success.

You will both be supported throughout and we can provide as much or as little support as is needed.

We want you both to be comfortable every step of the way and get the outcome you are looking for and we will do everything it takes to do this for you.


You will be treated with decency and respect throughout our whole process as will your birth parent.


You will be offered chances to stop the search after each step, should you need time to think or reflect.


We can and will provide professional support at any stage if you or indeed we think it will benefit you.

Feel Like You’re Ready Now?



To ensure we offer a first class market leading service to you.


That you and your birth parent feel supported throughout the whole process.


That our service is fair, ethical and carried out inline with Ofsted Regulations.

Every search starts with a first small step. For you that’s making contact with us. You can either call us now on 0113 868 8937 or book a callback below.

Book a call with one of our friendly team for a time that works best for you.

They will answer any questions you have and let you know how it all works in much more detail.


It Was Nerve Wracking, So Many Happy Emotions!

"It was nerve wracking when I first spoke to him for the first time, I was shaking when on the phone and then I cried when the call was over, so many happy emotions! We have since been on two holidays, making up for lost time."

- Andrea Wood

It Was Really Emotional, I'm Just So Happy

"It was a really emotional day when Relative Connections told me they had found him. I just burst into tears, I tried to keep it together but I failed miserably. I'm just so happy to finally see him and know what he looks like."

- Claire Hearne

It Was Amazing, I Felt Complete In Life

"The team were quick to email me the good news. Straight away I was on my phone reading it, it was amazing. I felt complete and it was allowed us to move onto the next part of our lives."

- Natalie Barker

Passionate, Sympathetic, Reassuring and Optimistic

"I don’t give Relative Connections 5/5, I give them 25! They are an incredible company, passionate about their work, sympathetic, reassuring, and optimistic! They go to great lengths to get the results you need."

- Kayleigh Roberts

The Best Thing Was To Leave It To The Professionals

"I wasn’t convinced in my own ability what I was doing so then I knew that the best thing to do was to leave it to the professionals. It wasn’t just another job to them, they were on my side and it really was full of compassion."

- Kevin Risebrow

The Outcome, For Me Was Fantastic

"We saw a story about Relative Connections on the internet and they sounded like they could help me. The outcome for me was fantastic I could never have done it without Relative Connections and I am very grateful for the great job they did for me."

- Gary Humm

Relative Connections Was Really Helpful And Supportive

"I couldn't believe it. I was quite nervous about calling him out of the blue but Relative Connections was really helpful and supportive. They sent a letter on my behalf to him at his address in Hertfordshire."

- Claire Heard

I Hope My Story Helps Encourage Others

"Please do pass on my gratitude to Sue and all at Relative Connections. You are all doing a very important job. I hope my story helps encourage other people to find lost loved ones missing from their lives!"

- Rosie Newman

The Whole Team Has Been Amazing

"I chose relative connections to help find my biological father after many failed attempts I decided I needed professionals to help find him. They found him & after 26 years, I’ve finally been able to speak to him over the phone. I cannot thank relative connections enough. The whole team has been amazing with me. Thank you!"

- Ella