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  • 92% Success Rate, As Featured on the TV Series Family Finders

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“An expert researcher will painstakingly find your birth father to his current address for you”

Is Your Birth Father Missing From Your Life?

Do You Want To Know More About Him & Where He Is?

We locate your birth father to his current address – legally, discreetly and accurately.

We know how important this is to you so you deserve the best possible service and that’s what we provide.

Find Your Birth Father with Relative Connections

If you choose our service, you’ll be assigned your own expert researcher who will be given the task of locating your birth father, they will take all the information you have regarding your birth father and conduct a detailed investigation for you.

They will also act as an intermediary for you if required, once your birth father has been located. They will help you and advise you, update you and keep you informed through the whole process.

Our service is not for everyone though, it’s for people who are serious about finding their birth fathers, who understand the effort and skill involved in locating him, especially when he has not been seen for a number of years.

It’s for people who understand the work involved in locating the various pieces of information required to make tracing him even possible.

If you would like to instruct us or are interested in learning more about our service, just fill in the form on this page and we’ll send you some information.

Maybe you’re scared that we won’t be able to find your birth father? Well we find over 90% of the people we are asked to trace so you’re in the right place and we helped over 2000 people last year alone!

Remember our GUARANTEE that if we say we’ve found your birth father, we have. If we are wrong we’ll give you your money back but we have stringent checks in place to make sure we have traced the correct person and we can find your birth father with only small amounts of information…

If you’re sat on the fence regarding our service just fill in the form and we’ll send you some more information to help you make an informed decision.

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“The team were quick to email me the good news. Straight away I was on my phone reading it, it was amazing. I felt complete and it was allowed us to move onto the next part of our lives.”

– Natalie Barker

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