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  • Progress Updates Every Step of the Way & A Full Report When We’ve Found Them
  • 92% Success Rate, As Featured on the BBC TV Series Family Finders

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“If You’re Desperate To Find Your Long Lost Family, We Can Help You”

Are You Trying to Find a Family Member You’ve Lost Contact With or Never Met?

Well a Family Finders search is exactly what you need. We’ll trace your exact family member to their current address. Our family finder service is used regularly to locate long lost birth parents, missing siblings and other family members that you’ve lost touch with or never met.

Remember, we trace the exact person you’re looking for. We don’t just supply you with a list of names, we pain staking look at old records and historical data to work out exactly who you are looking for, we then trace them forward to their current address.

Using Our Family Finders Service

You’ll be provided with your own researcher who’ll help you every step of the way. They’ll take the information you provide about your family member and look through old records to fill in the blanks. They’ll keep you up to date with regular updates and then, once your family member has been found they’ll help and advice you on the best way forward.

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee that we’ll find the correct person, we make sure we can prove that we have traced the correct person before we supply any results too you.

We’re a Real Company

We’re not just a website, we’re a real company with real people working on your search. So if you want to speak to us we’re only ever a phone call away.

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Click the link to see more about our work on BBC’s Family Finders


“It was nerve wracking when I first spoke to him for the first time, I was shaking when on the phone and then I cried when the call was over, so many happy emotions! We have since been on two holidays, making up for lost time.”

– Andrea Wood

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