Facebook Campaign

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If you have very limited information on a person, or only have a photograph finding them can be almost impossible.

Facebook offers mind-blowing targeting options that you can’t find anywhere else. We can take your limited information and contact an almost endless combination of people and ask them if they know your old friend or lost relative.

Our skills come from building the campaign by writing the copy to attract people and researching the likely people on Facebook who might be or might know your person.

Once the campaign is done we’ll add it to our Facebook page, add a budget so it’s seen by the people we want to see it and manage the responses. Best of all we can add to the budget or change the targeting until we get to the bottom of the matter for you.

So what’s included…

  • We’ll build the campaign – including creating the copy
  • Research into the best demographic of people to target using Facebook. Using demographic, behavioural and interest information.
  • Add the campaign to our ever popular Facebook page that is actively promoted by us.
  • Create your own post specific promotion to the people we have targeted.
  • We’ll manage the responses and tell you the amount of people who have engaged with the post on a monthly basis.

For us to build a campaign from scratch, research the target and deploy live onto Facebook with a Facebook Campaign budget, costs start from just £499.

If we spend the budget and we DO NOT get the desired response we can add budget for a further £99. We may advise that we carry out further research and run the campaign to another target of people too.

If you would like further information on this service please call us now on 0113 282 5900.