Relative Connections Customer Experience & Feedback

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The aim of our service

Our service aims to provide a non-discriminatory, respectful, and professional attitude towards our clients at all times.

Our professionals are trained to consider the importance of attending positively to cultural, religious, language, gender, sexuality, disability, age, and communication needs.

We love to get your feedback at any time so please do tell us about what we do well and what we need to improve.

We always hope that we can put things right as soon as you tell us, but you have the right to make a formal complaint if you are not happy and this is what you should do.

We recognise that our work is often conducted when people can feel vulnerable, and our professionals are trained to take this vulnerability into consideration. Every effort will be made to put those working with us at their ease and they will be given re-assurance on the process and progress of their case at all times.

How will we take care of client who have a complaint?

Please e-mail our customer service lead who is Sue Harrison with your concerns: We have chosen Sue for this role because she has experience in Customer Service and Complaints.

Please entitle your e mail ‘COMPLAINT’. Sue will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and may get back to you so that she fully understands the problem. A full record of your concerns will be made at this time.

Sue will then discuss the matter with her team and may again get back to you for further information so that every detail is fully understood. She will give you a time frame in which we will respond so that you will not be kept waiting.

Making a complaint will not prejudice your work with us but it may, on occasion, be appropriate to appoint an alternative service for you if the complaint remains outstanding.

How we deal with the complaint

There are a variety of ways in which we can deal with complaints as follows: We hope to be able to handle challenging situations to your satisfaction within our organisation and all complaints to date have been dealt with to the satisfaction of the service user.

Our first aim is always to fully understand the situation that is being described by the client.

We may be able to find resolution to the problem or complaint by discussion with both the client and our organisation.

If this does not apply, we will seek intervention by a Third Party who will be chosen for skills in resolving complaints and who is able to offer support to the complainant and advice to us about any changes needed.

In the case of a serious problem arising the reporter or conflict with one or our professionals, an alternative professional could be put in their place.

The time frame

All complaints will be taken seriously and acted on immediately.

We would always seek to resolve complaints effectively and as soon as possible. Clients can expect the following response:

Initial acknowledgement of receipt of your concerns

We would expect to investigate the issue on behalf of the Complainant and make a return call to the Complainant within 48 hours and collect more information about the problem. We will initially acknowledge receipt of your communication and tell you how long it will be before we get back to you.

We would expect to revert to the Complainant within 10 working days of the initial complaint, in order to put solutions in place for the complainant and consider plans for moving forward.

We would put these thoughts in writing to the client with copies to relevant parties.

If the complainant prefers or is not happy, the complaint can be referred to a third party, independent of Relative Connections, for dispute resolution.


Our team are trained to safeguard vulnerable adults. Please see our separate Safeguarding policy for our Safeguarding Actions.

From the RC Team.