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My name is David Oates, I’m the Head Researcher here at Relative Connections, you can view my LinkedIn profile here.

I am also the director of an Ofsted registered adoption support agency.

Find Your Childhood Sweetheart. Childhood sweethearts are difficult to trace, lots of years gone by, lots of water under the bridge. This makes finding people from your past can be a tricky thing to do, finding a long lost love can be even harder due to the emotions involved. Have they changed? Will they remember you? What will you say? These questions are all perfectly natural and ones that many people ask. Here at Relative Connections we specialise in relocating people with their childhood sweethearts.

We trace Long Lost Loves every day, almost everyone who comes to us has the reservations above and some people are embarrassed to say when they are looking for a person, but the truth is you are not alone in your desire to locate your childhood sweetheart. Because we do this kind of work so often we are used to speaking to people regarding their lost loves. We have trace people who have not been seen since the 1950’s!


So if you need to trace your lost love you have come to the right place, we can trace the person you have lost touch with and best of all we GUARANTEE our results, so if we say we have traced your childhood sweetheart we will be able to prove that it is them and not someone else. We have checks in place to make sure we never get this wrong as it would cause our customers embarrassment and ruin our hard earned reputation.

We also have lots of testimonials.

So how does the service work?

Well we take the information you supply to build up a picture of the person we are looking for, we then add to it information from our own data records so we know exactly who we are looking for, once we have done that we use a different set of information to trace your long lost love to their current address.

Don’t worry if you don’t have much information, our researchers are genealogy and tracing experts so if we need to find more information that even you are not aware of we usually can.

We highly regulated and completely legal, all our work is carried out both ethically and with integrity, this means you can be confident of our methods and our results.

We’re great at looking through old records and have access to some really great data, so don’t worry if you totally lost the person back in the 1950’s we can check records from that time to see if they married or moved to another area of the country.

You’ll also find that we are a proper company and not just a website so our contact details are all over the website and if you phone up a human being will answer the phone ready and willing to help you.

If you want to know our company address you can visit our contact us page and if you want to meet the people who will be carrying out the work for you, you can visit the Meet the Team page of our website and see how pretty we all are.

Once we have located your childhood sweetheart we can help you to contact them, we can either do this by contacting them directly or by helping you draft a letter to send to them. We can also tell you if they are now married and who they live with (if anyone). Best of all we offer an Aftercare pack that explains exactly how you should try and make contact with someone who has been missing from your life for so long. The feedback we receive regarding the aftercare pack is that it is really useful and has lead to some great reunion stories. The majority of childhood sweethearts who are contacted are happy to hear from our customer and a big part of this is the way we work and the advice we provide our customers. Obviously we can’t be held to account if the lost love doesn’t appreciate the contact but at the very least it puts your mind at rest that you did follow up on your feelings.

So if you are looking for your childhood sweetheart, wondering what they did with their lives, if they married, where they moved to etc. Then now you know you are in the right place.

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