Can We Find Your Old Friend With Little Information

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Can We Find Your Old Friend With Little Information

Mavis came to us for help to locate her old friend Geoff who she had lost touch with some 62 years earlier. Here is their story.

Mavis was able to share with us his name, an approximate age and the area where his family had lived when she had last been in contact with Geoff over 60 years ago. Geoff had served in the RAF and worked for a company in London after his service.

Despite the limited information and (as it transpired) the surname we were given being inaccurate (it was a variation of the name we were given) we were able to locate him to a current residential address where he lived alongside his wife of many years Diana.

When Geoff responded to the letter from our intermediary he acknowledged immediately that he remembered Mavis and would be happy to receive a letter from her. We passed on this first letter and Mavis and Geoff embarked on catching up on a lifetime of events as well as sharing many happy memories of their friendship.

Geoff and his wife Diana eventually invited Mavis to visit and after a lovely week together, with lots of laughter, Mavis and Diana sent me photographs of them all together.

Heather mavis Brooks

Mavis (aged 21) and Geoff (age 23) with a friends baby

More visits are planned for the future and Mavis has not just reconnected with an old friend but has very much found a new friend in Geoff’s lovely wife Diana.

We are so delighted that Mavis has come back to update us on the ongoing contact and her recent visit, it is so inspiring for us to see the long term outcome of our work.

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