Benefits of Getting Specialist Help to Find Lost Relatives

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For some people trying to locate a long lost friend or relative can be an extremely emotional time. It’s hard to know where to turn or what do for the best.

For others, family history research can be an enjoyable hobby. They spend their spare time looking for clues about their ancestors in order to better understand themselves and their background. What did previous generations do? Where did they live? Were they involved in significant events?

However, there’s another side to searching for information about family members or long lost friends. You may be less concerned about what happened hundreds of years ago than with events in living memory. Your search may possess considerable urgency because you’re looking for someone who’s been missing from your life for years. You may feel your life won’t be complete until you know what happened to your absent person and, if at all possible, are reunited.

If you’re in that position, there are many ways you could benefit from the services of a professional tracing agency.

Find Lost Relatives

As Easy as Picking up the Phone

In today’s ultra-connected world, it’s tempting to assume that finding a lost relative by yourself will be straightforward. You could Google the person’s name or look for a relevant Facebook profile – but the reality is you’re highly unlikely to find the missing individual so easily. You may end up feeling frustrated or confused and wondering how best to proceed.

Thankfully, requesting professional help is as easy as making a call. Our lost relative searches start with a free chat over the phone. We’ve helped thousands of people reconnect with loved ones and can do the same for you.

You can book a telephone appointment to speak to us by CLICKING HERE – one of the team will call you at the agreed time to discuss your search and provide a no obligation quote.

A Weight off Your Shoulders

Getting specialist assistance to find a lost relative or old friend means you no longer need to shoulder the burden of responsibility for the search. You have experts to rely on instead.

We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

Your Own Dedicated Researcher

With so much riding on the outcome, the last thing you want is to entrust your search to a faceless corporation.

Every person is unique and so is every search. That’s why our team is proud to offer a highly personalised service including your own dedicated researcher.

Emotional Support from Day One

Tracing a loved one can unlock powerful emotions you may have bottled up for years. Your dedicated researcher will act as a stabilising influence, always ready to listen and help. This is particularly valuable if you haven’t told friends and family about your search. You’ll never feel isolated. We’re on your side.

Access to Specialist Data

Trained people-finders have a wealth of specialist data sources at their fingertips, many of which aren’t publicly available or would be expensive for the public to access themselves.

We draw on birth and marriage records, old electoral roll details, consumer information and so much more in order to trace missing people and uncover their current addresses.

Network of International Researchers

Without professional help, searching for a lost relative who’s left the UK would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We’ve found missing loved ones everywhere from France to the South China Sea Islands! Linking up with our network of international researchers helps the pieces fall into place.

Find People with Just Fragments of Information

What if you have hardly any information about your lost person? Don’t worry – even with just fragments as a starting point, professional researchers can trace the right person.

We’ve conducted successful searches that began with just a first name, for example. Our first-class skills help us to succeed where other organisations may have failed.

Cases Usually Solved in 28 Days

With specialist help, you can find lost family members or old friends quickly and efficiently. On average, we trace people in just 28 days.

This is particularly important when time is of the essence due to serious illness or advancing years. Some people we reunite have been separated for several decades.

Support After your Missing Person is Found

Rest assured that the support doesn’t stop when your lost relative has been found. Our trained intermediaries are available to help you break the ice. They contact your person on your behalf to prepare the ground then help you to establish a relationship, if that’s what you both want.

Trust Relative Connections – 92% Success Rate

As the UK’s leading people-finding company, we have an impressive track record. We trace 92% of the people we’re asked to locate and take pride in our professional, caring approach.

Since 2008 we’ve located over 100,000 people across the world!

Our Find a Lost Relative service is something that one of our most recent clients, Liam, ‘would recommend to anyone hoping to find someone they love that isn’t in their life’.

Start your lost relative or friend search today – simply call us on 0113 282 5900. Or CLICK HERE to book a telephone appointment at the time that suits you.