Adoption Tracing Service

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So yesterday David Oates, the Head Researcher at Relative Connections and I, Ryan the owner of Relative Connections headed to London for a meeting about our adoption work.

You see adoption is a very complex matter and adoption tracing is very complicated too. There are rightly lots of rules and regulations put in place to protect people. It’s really important that you understand the right way for an adoption trace to be carried out. This is because there are many companies out there not doing it ethically or legally.×201.pngIt’s taken us over 3 years of preparation to get to the point where we can finally offer an adoption tracing service legally, ethically and responsibility.

So what do I mean by adoption tracing?

That would be any people search that involves adoption. This could be a birth parent looking for an adopted person or vice versa. Or siblings looking for each other or any other relative for that matter. Adopted Sibling tracing is a popular one though.

So we were in London to go back over the service levels of our current adoption tracing service that we offer to people just like you. We were looking at the legal side of it and making sure all those boxes were ticked. Now we are working with an Ofsted Adoption Support Agency we were mainly looking at the service we provide to people. This is to ensure it’s the very best it could possibly be.

We’re already getting great feedback from people but it’s an expensive service with many parts and we need to make sure we’re providing real value and that’s what the meeting in London was about.

What’s involved in our adoption tracing service?

We’ve now developed a nine step process for our adoption tracing service that includes everything you could need. By using the service you know you are doing things the right way. Not only that but you are also approaching the matter legally and ethically. Best of all we can provide you with all the support you need. We will also support the person you are looking for needs too. It’s crucial to consider their feelings and current situation too, that for us is a crucial part of the process and one we are so keen to get right. We like to offer support to everyone on all our searches but it is a legal requirement for all adopted related searches.

There are some questions that you simply must ask any company before you instruct them to find someone where adoption is concerned…

1. Do Ofsted know you are doing this work?
2. Are you working to their guidelines?
3. Who is your Adoption Support Agency?
4. What’s your process for getting the correct information?
5. How do you check for veto’s?
6. Who makes the necessary contact and acts as your intermediary?

I could keep going as there is a lot more to consider. For example do you know that it is a requirement for counselling to be offered to you. It is also required to have that offer in place throughout the search process. It must also be offered to the person you are searching for. There are no exceptions to this rule so please don’t fall short and think it is ok to just jump on Facebook and send a message, it’s just not the correct way to do things even if it is possible.

Our service includes everything you need to search for, find and contact your person whilst you are both supported through the process. The research, the documents, the counselling is all included.

We are extremely proud of the work we are doing around adoption tracing and the adoption tracing service we offer. At present we don’t believe anyone else in the Country is doing it in quite this way. It’s the perfect combination of the UK’s leading people tracing company and one of the UK’s leading Adoption Support Agencies (Ofsted Outstanding, last inspected April 2018). That makes this the perfect service for you.

After we met Jo we had a meeting with one of our external research teams. This meeting was very productive too before we returned to Leeds.

If you would like to know more about our adoption tracing service you can click here.